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Erica Henderson is a freelance writer living in San Francisco. She enjoys traipsing around the Bay Area discovering the newest trends in dining, tech and fashion. Follow her on Twitter: @airyspeaks or check out her website,

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Now, I’m not saying all teenagers lack focus … but most do; I was one and you probably were also. Michael Sayman, however, is focused. With over 2 million downloads under his belt, and an iOS developer title at the ripe age of 12, this kid is one to watch. To that end, his latest endeavor is 4 Snaps, an app that brings together the best things of youth: friends, games and twerking.

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Remember when Bump was the new app? There was really something genuinely satisfying to physically Bumping your phone to share contact information. Well, Bump has done a lot of growing up since the old days. From starting out as a contact sharing app, to diverging off into a payment app, and now having evolved into a file transferring app (that Bumps with your computer too!), Bump is making sure that you haven’t forgot about it.

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You know when you want to show someone a picture on your iPhone and you forget that the photo you are looking for is not actually on your iPhone, but on Facebook? So, you try to search for it on Facebook, and realize that you haven’t uploaded it there yet and it’s still on your computer at home. Well, now there is an app that keeps all of your photos in spot. What is this fantastical app you ask? Why, it’s Everpix, a comprehensive new photo platform that allows you to view, send and share photos from your photo collection within seconds.

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The social photo-sharing landscape is vast (and often overwhelming!). Rising from the ranks, a relative newcomer is offering a twist for social photo-sharing enthusiasts: the ability to collaborate on photos. Focusing on the “social” aspect of social photo-sharing, Pixplit has created the ability for individual users to add their own element or fragment of a photo to help create a whole image. Basically, combining images is now all I’m going to be doing on my morning commute.

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Living in San Francisco is awesome. Owning a car, on the other hand, is not. When parking spots are a luxury and apartment rentals that come with a garage are basically unheard of, owning a car is often an expense that just doesn’t, well, make sense. What about those days when you want to drive to Napa, or go to the famed Alameda flea market, or hey, go crazy and take a trip down to Costco? Taking a taxi or renting a car would be a hardship at best and bank-breaking at worst. But, thanks to peer-to-peer car sharing, all you need is a credit card, a valid driver’s license and the Wheelz iPhone app for you to borrow a local’s car and get on the road.

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Ever wish you had access to all of your movies and TV shows all the time? It would be amazing, right? Yes, there are a few streaming apps out there, but Plex comes with all the bells and whistles. Honestly, I don’t know how I survived this long without it.

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At a few of my past (and current) jobs it’s been necessary to send large photos and videos back and forth on Dropbox, and my attempts to request photos often got lost in the shuffle. Not to mention there were a few unfortunate Dropbox deleting accidents, which effectively wiped out entire folders. If only there was an app that was super simple to send, receive and store files and didn’t require clients and the occasional contributors to log in. Oh, and it would be nice to be able to have accurate data about all of those files, like when and who added to the folders and downloaded files. If only, right? Well, as luck would have it, ShareFile is on the horizon and it’s going to make life easier.

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With the numerous and varied food-finding apps on the market, the average restaurant goer has an arsenal of handy decision-helping technology at his fingertips. You can search for what is closest, what cuisine you love and even what local chefs recommend. But what about searching for ambiance, in other words, a particular vibe. Say you are looking for a place to go on a romantic date, and you are looking for a restaurant that is reasonably priced, cozy, romantic and maybe a little Don Draper-esque? Or maybe your companion is of the printed kind (come on, you know you’ve shunned human dinner dates so that you could read about that juicy love triangle that was just starting to develop in the book you said you would never read, but somehow made its way into your hands by way of impractical night of vino and No? Just me?) Well, friends, Hoppit can help you out.

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So, I love Instagram. I can honestly say I waste at least twenty minutes a day looking through my feed and “liking” my favorite photos. And there are always a few ‘grams that really stand out, and while I have “liked” them the only thing I can really do to save them is a screen capture, which isn’t very helpful when I want to repost or share. The filter-loving fiends over at Instagrab have apparently run into the same problem, which is why their new app is clearly made to satisfy our shared Instagram obsession. Basically, Instagrab allows you to download and share your favorite finds on Instagram.

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You know when you get to a new city and have dozens of things that you want to visit, or on the flipside have no idea what to do or where to go? You try mapping it all out and waste a couple of hours, try everyone’s patience in your group and don’t end up actually using your map because you’ve mistimed everything.

This is exactly what the founders of Citybot were trying to avoid when they came up with the brilliant idea to develop a travel planning app that helps you plan, organize and schedule the best activities for your trip.

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