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Jacob is a freelance writer at his own blog and a few others across the Internet. In his free time, he listens to a lot of music, plays music, and takes photographs of amazing places. You can email him with inquiries, should you have any.

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Just over a month ago, the Apple community learned that iOS 6, set to release tomorrow, would not include an integrated YouTube app. Google’s video streaming service has been available on the platform since its inception in 2007, but Apple’s agreement with the search engine was going to expire so it was up to Google to make its own app for the many iPhone users out there.

On September 11th, Google released a free native YouTube app for the iPhone; the iPad version was said to arrive “in the coming months.” Regardless of tablet support, Google’s official app boasts usability, a better video selection, beauty and simplicity. The search engine giant has the potential to make a great app for the iPhone, but does it live up to this promise? (more…)

Finding genuinely interesting content on the Internet has become a chore. There’s a lot of rubbish out there that no one cares to read, then there’s the quality stuff that comes in short supply. Most people like to read The New York Times or another major publication like The Wall Street Journal regularly, relying on the same journalists all the time. If you’re like me, however, it’s nice to find something new for your reading list. One writer can always sound the same and that’s not always preferable.

Today I’m going to take a look at Prismatic, a very promising content discovery service that’s available on the Web and as a iPhone app. Join me. (more…)

All iPhones come with a simple Clock app. It serves its purpose well, yet some users are in search of something better; an alternative that can perform more than a few basic functions. For them, the App Store is a vast wasteland of rubbish that isn’t anywhere near the quality they’d hope to use as their main clock app. But that’s just for those who like quality and polish. If you’re one of those people, I’ve got a shiny new product for you.

It’s called My Alarm Clock. Made by Apalon, you may have heard of their Weather Live or Calculator Pro apps. I believe that their best development however, is the aforementioned Clock alternative. It’s not just good looking — the functionality is beyond that of any stock iOS 5 app, that’s for sure. Let’s take a closer look. (more…)

Journaling has, to some, become a relic; an item of the past which is no longer relevant. With children of the Facebook age growing farther apart from textile books, writing a diary has become a lost art. People now prefer to use Facebook (or Twitter) as their journal of everything that takes place in their life. It’s understandable since you can share all of the activity there with your friends, but what about all those private things and thoughts you’ve had throughout the day? What, are you going to Tweet them or something? No, I have a better idea.

iPads are great for almost anything and, if you’re comfortable with typing on one, why not use it for journaling as well? Bloom Built’s Day One is by far the best solution to this. Our own Nathaniel Mott reviewed this app last November, giving it a 9/10 for outstanding design and the many handy features. Now, nearly a year later, the developer has added some great new key features like photos, geotagging, weather and Foursquare check-ins. I’m going to take a look at the new features after the break, so why don’t you join me? (more…)

When it comes to checking the weather on your iPhone, there are way too many solutions. You can use something like Wunderground to get the most accurate reports, or Weather 2x, a less precise and more beautiful alternative. Then there’s the boring old app that comes with your iPhone. It has a rather stale design and doesn’t offer many details, but that’s mainly because it’s taking a minimal approach to things.

Nubilous and WTHR are two minimal, but beautiful weather apps. Is one better than the other, though? Let’s find out. (more…)

If you like to blog, then it’s very likely that the website you publish to is powered by WordPress. It’s one of the easiest and most powerful blogging platforms out there, not to mention it’s open source with hundreds of plugins and themes. The people at WordPress know what they’re doing. It’s been over nine years since the initial release and the platform has been going strong, reportedly managing 22% of all websites as of August 2011.

So, say you’ve published a post and are off to take care of some other stuff, leaving your computer at home. Someone texts you that what you just wrote was factually incorrect or had a broken link — what do you do? If you had an iPad, then you could edit it with Blogsy, but if you only have your iPhone with you the best option is WordPress’ official iOS app. I’ve used it in instances like this before and it works well — but exactly how well? (more…)

There are a plethora of ways to access Twitter on the iPhone, from the renowned Tweetbot to the social network’s (mediocre) official app. One that’s been around for even longer than the original Tweetie, however, is Twittelator. It was released back in December of 2008, five months after the App Store was unveiled. As one of the legends, Twittelator has a history and includes a surplus of great features.

But today people like well-designed apps over featured ones, which is why Stone, the developer of Twittelator, released Twittelator Neue in October of last year. Not only has the design been altered to have a more modern feel, but the app also aims to change the way you experience Twitter. I’ve been using it quite a bit these past few days just to see if it could be an alternative to Tweetbot. Now, let’s find out. (more…)

I use my iPhone to browse the Internet quite a lot, actually. I’ll visit at least four or five webpages per day on average. It’s a great device to use too, because everything works smoothly and there are many websites optimized for mobile devices. But what about an enhanced experience — something that you’re used to on your desktop computer? What about Chrome for iPhone?

Luckily for those of you who use the browser, Google released an iOS version of their famous multi-platform browser on Thursday. It brings everything you loved about the Android version (if you used it) and a few of the great features included in the desktop app to your iPhone. Chrome on the iPhone has the potential to be a great browser, but let’s take a deeper look. (more…)

There’s no doubt that you’ve used Tumblr at some point in your life, whether it was to follow a famous person, blog about drama or just to look up some funny GIFs. Throughout the years, there have been many ways to access the microblogging service on your iPhone, the most popular being the official app, formerly Tumblerette.

On June 21st, the folks at Tumblr decided that it was time to get their app a complete rebuild with a plethora of new features and a beautiful redesign. In Tumblr version 3.0, they introduced many highly-requested features such as high-resolution images, tag search, offline support, Spotify support and many more improvements and new features. Let’s take a look at some of the new features in Tumblr 3.0 after the break. (more…)

Every few months, I like to look for new wallpapers to put on my devices, whether it be a Mac, iPad or iPhone. There are far too many wallpaper sites on the Internet to keep up with all the time, but I know a few good artists and photographers who have some very well-done content and I typically check their latest releases for an interesting new way to show off my device’s screen.

You could look for hours trying to find different types of wallpapers that suit you since there are so many options, but I’m going to help you out. Instead of having to look for all those great backgrounds, I’ve compiled a list featuring 50 of the best photos, Photoshop pieces and anything else that will look beautiful on your iPhone’s Retina display. Keep reading to check them out. (more…)

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