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It’s Game Week here at iPhone.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

Tower defense games have become all the rage with iPhone users. There are still plenty of old century warrior games, but Kingdom Rush is a truly great example of innovation in this field. For this game you start out building structures to defend your kingdom from incoming attackers.

You’ll need to use strategy and some lucky timing to advance forward into the worlds. Game dynamics are similar to any multiform TD RPG, where you don’t control a single character, but entire groups of your army. The music and graphics also fit amazingly well into the theme of ancient kingdoms. If you love strategy RPG games, this is a title well worthy of the cost. (more…)

So many popular photo editing applications have come out in the past few months. Many of these image editors utilize basic effects for blending modes, cropping and color manipulation. However, I rarely find an app like Pictwo which allows you to combine two different photos into one beautiful image.

The app UI design is phenomenal and very easy to start using. Any photography enthusiast will love all of the features which accompany Pictwo. There are some very creative textures & effects included which help to blend photos together in a collage-style design. Let’s see what develops after the jump. (more…)

I love toying around with photos and manipulating different settings. When you walk around with an iPhone in your pocket at all times, you tend to rack up a decent collection of photos. And so it seems like the best companion for a large photo library is a large collection of iOS apps centered around image editing.

Popsicolor is brand new to the App Store having been first published in June 2012. Their branding is fantastic and they’ve already made it into the “What’s Hot” section of the App Store. Let’s find out why after the jump.

Anybody who has purchased goods online is familiar with the many infamous user-powered eCommerce websites. Craigslist, eBay and Kajiji are just a few names which come to mind. These are all great for purchasing unique items from anybody in your local area, or even anywhere in the world.

What makes Ketup so different is the ability to connect with anybody right from your mobile phone. You can access the Ketup marketplace from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The app uses your current location to determine any sellers in your local area. This is a really cool application to try out if you’re into the buying/selling game, plus it’s totally free! More about the app after the jump.  (more…)

Ever since Instagram launched in 2010 I’ve been fascinated by iPhone camera apps. You can take hi-res photos of nearly anything and import them into these mobile apps on your phone to create tremendous customizations. Filters, lighting, cropping, recoloring and nearly anything else you could possibly think about.

I’ve had the chance to review Color Splash Studio which is a similar app connected to all your social networks. It’s easy to import a photo and customize the settings, then share it out to all your profiles around the web. I love the simplicity of their user interface which goes hand-in-hand with the sharing and export features, but let’s talk about that more after the jump. (more…)

The infamous coupon website RetailMeNot has been online for a couple of years now. You can find coupons for nearly all the famous brands including Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, Best Buy and so many more. Their team released a new iOS app which is the perfect companion for their site.

You’ll be able to find new coupon codes and even redeem them inside the store. Often times these coupons will work when you’re shopping online. But even if you don’t shop on your phone, it’s easy enough to copy down the codes into your web browser. I’ll say this is one a handy application for the many frugal shoppers out there. (more…)

I’m not somebody who frequently travels, but when I do there’s nothing more exotic to me. Living now, traveling can be such a different experience. Namely because of mobile apps such as Yahoo! Time Traveler.

Whenever you’re visiting a new area on vacation or for any reason, you’ll often find yourself with extra time to kill. But when you’re not familiar with a city how do you know where to go? Time Traveler is your mobile companion to guide you through local museums, galleries, food shops and similar tourist attractions. (more…)

I have always been a fan of puzzle games and RPGs. These elements are expressed perfectly in this thrilling puzzle experience. Gabrielle’s Monster Match is a new release to the App Store which combines the Connect Four gameplay mechanic with a more complicated scoring system.

This game is a spinoff from the 3DS release of Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove. The iPhone port uses characters from the original as puzzle pieces which you match up to collect points. It’s a very fun game to play with and it’s 100-percent free to download. (more…)

The iPhone has seen some really fantastic games in 2012, including many that are inspirational and always fun to play. Bee Leader certainly is no different. You assume the role of a bee looking to collect nectar from nearby flowers, then you deposit this into your hive and gather as much honey as possible before sunset.

Players of all ages will be able to enjoy this puzzling animated adventure. The app brings together beautiful graphics, great tunes, and an all-around exciting user experience. Let’s find out more after the break. (more…)

Just recently, I wrote a review of Leef App for iPhone. The idea is built around accessing Forrst and browsing the latest questions, shots, code snippets, and popular links. Up until recently, there hasn’t been much competition for Forrst on iOS.

Except the new release of Bosquet really turns things around. This is a much more simple application compared to others that access Forrst or Dribbble. It provides all the default features you would expect with a third-party API connection. Plus, the app is fun to use and only comes with a $0.99 price tag! Let’s get into it after the jump. (more…)

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