What’s more fun than an action packed, zombie killing, adrenaline rushing, high speed intense game? Well the answer is simple. All of that in the palm of your hands! As a perfect example of console gaming gone mobile, Dead Trigger brings the first person shooting experience that we’ve all associated from the console straight to the iPhone.

Through its stunning graphics and heart-racing gameplay, Dead Trigger is easily one of the most notable zombie FPS apps available for the iPhone. Its intense quests will have even the most experienced zombie players at the edge of their seats. (more…)

Ever wish you were a famous sportstar? Or maybe you’d even be fine with just being “alright” in a sport? Well this is one sport which everyone can pick up and become proficient in while having a great time! In this simple concept game, a variety of 12 baseballs are thrown across the screen where they collide with your finger, or shall I say, your “bat.”

Most people are familiar with the game of baseball, but not all of us know all the intricacies of the game. Well in Flick Home Run, baseball is made simple. Without the worries of a team or catching hitters, your only concern is hitting the ball and aiming to get a home run. Similar to actual baseball, all you have to do is hit the ball with speed, accuracy and perfect timing to become the next Babe Ruth. (more…)

Gameloft, the bringers of the previously reviewed Asphalt 7: Heat, have done it again! With their creative minds, they’ve created a game which incorporates the making of a true hollywood film. Through the commands of your director, different prearranged scenes are shot for the ultimate zombie movie!

What do you call the zombie invasion of Hollywood? Zombiewood! As zombies walk down the streets that once flourished with celebrities, you decide to make a few extra bucks starring in a motion picture film in which you tear down rows of the undead. The exhilirating, well designed, cartoonish gameplay makes this a must play game offering hours of fun.  (more…)

Many people have experienced, or at-least heard of, those little pocket sized skateboards known often as techdecks. Well now those that have enjoyed techdecks, and even those who haven’t, can hop on the board in this top-down view skateboarding game.

Touchgrind is a fun, innovative app which lets you pull off endless amounts of tricks in dozens of different ways. With its implementation of true physics, some may even say it seems quite  realistic. What it comes down to it however, is does it really have the potential to be a real show stopper and is it worth the fiver you’ll have to throw Apple’s way? (more…)