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I'm a freelance web designer, writer, and church pastor living in Springfield, Missouri with my amazing wife and our delightful West Highland Terrier. When I'm not reviewing apps or fighting crime I blog on my website and tweet useless thoughts on Twitter.

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How often have you been hanging out in your drab environment — office, dorm, house, post office — and thought to yourself, “You know what would make this place more exciting? UFOs flying around my head.”

Probably at least once a day, right?

Look-Up, a new “augmented reality” game from Soulbit7, promises to shake things up by invading your space with alien attacks. Does the game deliver?


Social networks and point systems have been successfully worked into location-based apps like Foursquare and Gowalla with such great results that Facebook recently decided to pick up some similar features as well. Today’s app takes this same idea to a new area of travel that’s a little more extreme: driving.

In our review of Waze Social GPS we’ll answer some critical questions: Is a free GPS app a good alternative to the many paid navigation apps? Is it safe to attempt to gather points, report road hazards and make social connections while driving? Find out below!


I’ve never heard anyone criticize cheese for not tasting like shrimp, or condemn a car for not being capable of flying like an airplane (although it’s 2010, and I still want to know when we’re going to get our flying cars).

Adobe Ideas, a nifty digital sketchbook app from Adobe, isn’t a full-featured sketching application in the vein of SketchBook Pro or Brushes . . . but it’s not trying to be. Instead, Adobe Ideas encourages you to doodle, brainstorm, sketch, and toy with concepts. In this regard, Adobe Ideas really shines.

Hoarding vast quantities of apps has been a time honored tradition for iPhone owners since Apple began allowing 3rd party development in 2008. However, with over 250,000 apps available from the App Store, finding those that are worthwhile isn’t always an easy task.

Enter AppShopper for iPhone: an app that helps you find other apps at a bargain.