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We are mere weeks away from the end of the first decade in this new millennium. This year has been a big one for Apple’s multi-touch product line with the arrival of the iPad, iPhone 4 and iOS 4. Along with these new technologies has come a seemingly endless barrage of great apps that keep us coming back for more.

Today we’ll take a look at some of our favorite apps that were either introduced or popular throughout the year. Some of them made the list as a result of huge sales while others are an important piece of iOS history. A big thanks to all of our Twitter followers who submitted votes for their favorite apps! You’ll definitely see many of your submissions included below.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Safety Switch. The developer describes Safety Switch as “the ultimate personal panic alarm for iPhone, with five built-in alarms you can activate if you feel unsafe or find yourself in trouble. It is designed to quickly and easily notify your friends and family that you’re in trouble and where you are, as well as give you instant access to emergency services. With Safety Switch, help is never more than a tap away.”

Read on for more information and screenshots!


When Google’s last “iPhone killer,” the Nexus One, fell flat on its face, many predicted that Google would get out of the hardware game and focus on developing Android for handsets made by other companies. However, the king of search is back with an impressive attempt to revive the Nexus line.

Below we’ll answer the one question iPhone owners really want to know: How does the new Nexus S stack up against the iPhone 4? Does it blow away our beloved Apple device or will it be pale in comparison? Let’s take a look!


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Pepperplate. The developer describes Pepperplate as an app that “manages all of your recipes, menus and schedules – online and on the iPad. Pepperplate is the first system that works the way you do – online and in the kitchen – import recipes from your favorite sites, create your own categories and cook multiple recipes at the same time on the iPad cook panel.”

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Downtime Cost Calculator. The developer describes The Downtime Cost Calculator as “a tool for IT administrators. When running disaster recovery drills, this app lets you count server downtime as a monetary value. It inputs key operational data about the company, then converts this data into real-time dollar amounts relating to lost productivity and revenue. Measuring downtime in this manner can help a lot with IT budgeting and strategic planning.”

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Have you ever seen great guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton bust out an amazing solo or blues riff and wonder what their secret is? What amazing tricks are their fingers performing and why can’t you do that?

With today’s app, you’ll learn quick techniques that will blow your friends and fans away. We’ll be checking out Lick of the Day a new app from Guitar World that blew me away the minute I opened it for the first time. Whether you’re a seasoned six string pro or have simply always thought about learning to play the guitar, read on to see if this app can help.


To thousands of people all over the world, December doesn’t bring thoughts of holidays and family time spent snuggling around a warm fire. Instead, these poor, tortured souls think only of one thing: finals. That dreadful part of the semester where your professors pelt you with countless evil tests which force you to load up on so much useless information that your brain tosses out virtually all of it as soon as you put the pencil down.

This year, make the most of your down time by sneaking in a little extra studying while waiting in line or sitting at the doctor’s office because of that dreadful cold that always waits until finals to hit you. Armed with your iPhone and the flashcard apps below, you’ll be ready to smile when Grandma asks you about your grades over Christmas dinner.


When Facebook decided to toss it’s hat into the location-based social network ring, everyone feared the end for the original pioneers of the genre like Foursqare and Gowalla.

Now that the dust has settled and the various services are learning to integrate and play nice, we’re interested to see if the Facebook service has really impacted your use of the other apps. Vote in the poll on the right and help us find out who is king in the location service world.

Leave a comment below and let us know why you use the service that you do. Is it the user base, app design, feature set or something else?

Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Railway NL. The developer describes Railway NL as “clickable offline GPS map with all Rail connections in The Netherlands. Many search options to find your destination. Including a custom GPS railway map of the Netherlands. Recommended for tourists. Features an automated planner from the nearest station to your favorite station. Very convenient for transfers on route to get actual travel info.”

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Super Dance Elf Christmas with Friends – Make an Elf yourself or have your friends make them in a Christmas video and share them. Send your dancers to friends with the app. Take your own photo or use one in your album to put a custom head on a video.

Invoice Robot – Invoice Robot was developed for small businesses, non-profits and innovative people that want to create simple invoices and other documents from their iPads and iPhones without the assistance of administrative or accounting staff.

Shopify – Shopify has a super-clean design that makes setting up a store incredibly easy.

uTest – The eBook will walk you through the challenges of creating a high-quality mobile app

WebRoot – Simple but powerful antivirus protection, a remarkably flexible backup and file sharing system, and a top-of-the-line password manager, among other impressive features.

Magic Towers Solitaire – Use your card skills to fill the realm with magical towers in this addictive, free solitaire game.

Haypi kingdom – Haypi Kingdom is a massive multiplayer online iPhone game set in the middle ages. You will be a general managing a kingdom in a strategic game – boosting resource production, adventuring in extensive wild land, reaping legendary treasures, equipping your troops with advanced abilities and battling against other players – with the ultimate goal of becoming the strongest kingdom in the ancient world.

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