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Josh Johnson is a writer, designer, photographer and lover of all things Apple from Phoenix Arizona. He's been using Macs since the logo on the laptops was upside down.

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If I told you that this is a review for an app that lets you apply filters to your photos, you’d probably roll your eyes and move on right? There are a million of these and they’re all the same: the interfaces are cute but hard to navigate, the free filters are limited and they always try to convince you to pay extra for better ones.

Well hold on, because Magic Hour is a game changer. This app not only lets you apply a number of great preset filters, it lets you build and save your own using an awesome tool set. Even better, there’s a theme marketplace full of user-submitted free downloads to add to your collection! Intrigued yet? You should be.


Congratulations to @southrngirlygrl, you are the winner of our a free OtterBox iPhone case of your choice worth $50! You will be contacted shortly with more information.

To everyone else, thanks for entering and sharing the competition with your followers! Stay tuned for more great giveaways and awesome app reviews.


The iPad is on its second generation and the iPhone is on its fourth, resulting in thousands and thousands of apps of all types to download. For those that own both devices, the slight differences between the two systems can be annoying. Some apps only run on iPad and some only on iPhone. Others exist on both systems but require separate downloads.

Today we’ve got a collection of some of the best universal apps in the App Store. By “universal”, we mean that these apps will run simultaneously on your iPhone and iPad. Many of them even offer free online syncing so that your data is always the same no matter which device you’re on. Enjoy the list below and be sure to check out our sister site iPad.AppStorm for more great iPad apps!


Apple tech blogs have been talking almost ceaselessly about Apple launching a cloud-based music streaming service. Given that they’re the top seller of music on the planet and largely responsible for the digital music revolution, you’d think that Apple would be the company most suited to take on such an endeavor.

So where is it? Is this another mini-iPhone incident where rumor sites are just leading us along without any solid leads that it’s actually going to find out? Let’s explore.

Photography-related apps make up a sizable portion of the App Store. With these fun and useful tools you can build panoramas, apply vintage effects, create 3D images, and more. Many of the apps, such as Camera+ seek to not only complement the default camera app’s features but replace them completely with a much more fully featured utility.

Our poll question today asks how often you use the default camera app that comes built into your phone as opposed to a third party solution. Do you use exclusively third party apps or do you like to stick to the default utility and then import the resulting images into other applications?

Vote in the poll and leave a comment below telling us your typical photography workflow on the iPhone.

Are you prone to swing a hammer, climb a mountain or get covered in motor oil? Have you been in the market for an iPhone case that can withstand your active lifestyle?

The Otterbox iPhone 4 Defender Series Case could be just what you’re looking for. Read on to see what we think of it and whether or not you should pick one up.


Zootool is an outstanding free online bookmarking service packed full of features and crammed into a stunning interface. Until recently, Zootool has only existed as a web app, but it has finally made the jump to iOS.

Today we’ll briefly introduce you to what the service is all about and walk you through the functionality of the new iPhone app. Can Zootool thrive on the small screen? Read on to find out!


Far beyond being mere communication devices, our phones have become essential tools that can legitimately help us get through the daily grind.

Today we’re going to walk you through a day in the life of an app-addicted iPhone owner. We’ll look at apps for waking up in the morning, laying down at night and everything in between. Best of all, they’re all free!


As we all know, when Microsoft jumps off on its own on some endeavor, the results are uncertain at best. The software giant is definitely no stranger to success, but you have to admit, doomed projects like the Zune and Kin aren’t exactly rare (Microsoft fans, feel free to rant about the Netwon and G4 Power Cube).

What Microsoft is good at is using its mountains of capital to acquire companies that are successfully innovative and this week they reached a deal with Skype for their biggest acquisition yet at $8.5 billion. This is an interesting move that has everyone speculating on just what Microsoft plans to do with everyone’s favorite chat client. Following is a brief discussion on what you can expect both as a Skype user and a Mac/iPhone owner.


In today’s poll we ask a simple question: How do you use your iPhone? Apart from being plain curious, we are always trying to structure and evolve our content so that it’s more appealing to you, our readers.

You can help us do that right now by giving us a good idea of what you’re generally doing when you open an app. Are you looking to get something done for work like checking on today’s todo list or finding the fastest route to the airport? Or are you mostly using it for personal endeavors as you check out Facebook and listen to Pandora?

Vote in the poll on the right and then leave a comment below with your top three apps that you open the most on your iPhone. Not your favorites mind you, but the apps that you actually use daily!

As always, thanks for your participation and for supporting AppStorm!

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