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Josh Johnson is a writer, designer, photographer and lover of all things Apple from Phoenix Arizona. He's been using Macs since the logo on the laptops was upside down.

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When you’re on vacation, the single most important question can be: “what do we do next?” Odds are, no matter where you happen to be there are tons of great places waiting to be discovered.

Today we’ll look at Tourist, a tool that can help you learn all about the places you’re either currently visiting or would like to see in the future. As always, we’ll run down the basic features, point out the pros and cons and then tell you whether or not it’s worth a download.


In the age of MP3s, Pandora, and Grooveshark, it’s easy to forget that the airwaves are still being endlessly pumped with great programming via old school AM/FM radio stations. The last device you would expect to cause you to listen to more radio is an iPhone, but the app below will do just that!

Today we’re going to take a look at TuneIn Radio, an app that is sure to help you reclaim your long lost love for good old fashioned radio.


The App Store has become an outstanding source of education spanning every topic you can imagine. Whether you’re interested in wine tasting, medieval weaponry, or U.S. presidents, you can learn all about it using your iPhone.

Below is our huge list of 100 apps to help you fill your head with more valuable and useless knowledge than you ever thought possible!


Once upon a time, if you or your teenage progeny decided that a driver’s license or learner’s permit was a desirable object to have, you would take a trip to the DMV to pickup your free copy of the official driver’s manual of your state. You would then pretend to read this book long enough to convince those around you that you were indeed ready to pass the test and proceed to take the exam however many times it took you to answer just enough questions right to earn a passing grade.

These days studying for the written driver’s test is of course a more technological exercise. All you need is an iPhone and a free afternoon and you’ll be ready to ace that test in no time. Below we’ll take a brief look at four apps that will help get you on your way to asking dad if you can borrow the car next weekend.


The default iPhone calendar has remained largely unchanged since the launch of the first iPhone. It’s a solid app that is designed very well, possesses a number of helpful ways to view your calendar, allows you to set reminders and more.

With Calendars for iPhone, you can get the same great functionality with your Google Calendar account. Let’s take a look at the interface and some of the app’s best features.


Last week Apple released a new way to shop the Apple store: via iOS. Now you can purchase any Apple product you want just as easily as you would download an app. Great for you, bad for your bank account.

It’s definitely a great app, but just in case you’re wondering whether or not you really need to have the Apple store taking up space on your iPhone, we’ll walk you through the basic functionality and interface.


Apple’s iOS is proving to be one of the best mobile gaming platforms around. With the iPad’s large screen, you can join the fun with an unrivaled experience in touch-screen gaming.

Below you’ll find 25 of the best apps currently available for the iPad from several different genres. Whether you’re a hard core gamer looking for the next best first person shooter or just a casual sudoku loving iPad owner, there’s something here for you.


If you just dropped a few hundred dollars on an iPad, you might not have much left in your budget to fill it up with apps. Fortunately, app developers have already stepped up and created a huge collection of completely free iPad apps.

Below you’ll find over 100 free iPad apps to help you get started. Many of them are only free for a limited time as an introductory special so you’d better grab them fast!


Keeping yourself and your family healthy is no small task. Fortunately, learning about proper nutrition and how to live an active lifestyle doesn’t require a medical degree, just an iPhone!

Today we’ll look at a few apps that can help you get the whole family into practicing healthier habits. Best of all, the apps below are all completely free so you don’t have to choose between saving money and learning to take better care of yourself.


We’re mere days away from the launch of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, which means you’ll need a good way to keep track of all the news, scores and statistics! As always, we’ve got you covered.

Today we’ll compare three of the best apps we could find to help you become the most informed fan around. The best part? They’re all free!


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