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Josh Johnson is a writer, designer, photographer and lover of all things Apple from Phoenix Arizona. He's been using Macs since the logo on the laptops was upside down.

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Your iPhone is the ultimate tool for staying up to date with news from all over the globe. Today we’ll briefly look at 20 news applications that will give you convenient access to a wealth of breaking news stories, current events and localized information.

Whether you’re a casual news browser on a hardcore information hound, you’ll definitely find a few apps below that are just perfect.


If you’re a movie buff, your iPhone is an excellent companion to aid you on your quest for cinematic knowledge. Whether you’re looking for trailers, trivia or showtimes, you guessed it; there’s an app for that!

We’ll help you fill your iPhone with every kind of movie application available. The best part: it won’t cost you a cent. To ensure that you still have plenty of cash to drop on tickets and popcorn, today’s post will be comprised of only free apps. Let’s get started!


Today we’ll be comparing two of the most popular location-based social network apps around: Foursquare and Gowalla. These two apps are very similar: both allow you to check in at places you visit, follow old friends and meet new ones, and earn achievements based on where you visit.

We’ll be breaking the apps down and comparing them on a number of measures so you can make an informed decision about which network you should join, and which iPhone app you should use (if not both!)


The iPhone’s ability to connect to wireless systems via Wifi and/or Bluetooth opens up a wide range of potential devices that the iPhone can control. This functionality isn’t limited to your television or stereo but expands over a variety of electronic equipment in your home.

Today we’ll take a brief look at ten iPhone applications that are built to control elements of a home automation system. Examples include everything from video cameras and security systems to lighting rigs and automatic blinds. What will you control?


Let’s face it, a night out can be quite expensive. Your typical dinner, drinks and a movie for two people can easily hit upwards of $60-$70 if you aren’t careful.

That’s where Happy Hours comes in. A neat little app that makes it a cinch to locate bars and restaurants that are currently serving drinks or food at a discounted price.


I have a decade old, 2nd Gen iPod (a huge white and silver brick) that arguably beats my iPod Touch in two key built-in features. The first is that it is much faster to transfer music to because it supports FireWire, (but that’s a rant for another time). The brick’s second excellent feature is the ability to mount on my Mac and act just like an external hard drive.

While it doesn’t seem like iPhones/iPods will be supporting FireWire any time soon, a slew of third party app developers have addressed the need to use your Apple mobile device as a wireless portable drive. Nearly all of them function in the same manner so I’ll walk you through the app that I personally use and then present a number of alternatives.


The news-driven social network Digg was, in my memory, quite an early adopter of mobile technology. Their mobile site,, has now been around for a couple of years. However, Digg has stayed out of the full-fledged dedicated app game for some reason, leaving Digg fans searching the App Store with only a handful of third party apps ranging from adequate to average at best.

Finally, the guys at Digg have taken the hint and released their first dedicated iPhone app. It’s free to download and super easy to use. Let’s take a closer look.


There’s certainly no shortage of drawing applications available on the app store. However, most of the apps available are pretty basic and focus more on being silly and fun than fully-featured and customizable enough for professionals.

SketchBook Mobile from AutoDesk seeks to fill this void by providing an impressively rich drawing experience packed with enough features to push the boundaries of the iPhone OS.


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