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Justin Woodbridge is a mac-obsessed freelance writer/budding web designer from Cleveland. He has a slight Internet problem, and loves to write about good software and all things Apple. Check out his blog, Macafarian Ramblings and follow him on Twitter.

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The Mac ships with a wonderful dictionary app. You get a dictionary, thesaurus, and optimized wikipedia browser all in one beautiful app. Unfortunately, the iPhone ships with nothing of the sort. There are a number of good 3rd party options out there. Today I’ll be taking a look at Terminology PH.

Terminology PH is a sleek and simple dictionary browser for you iPhone. Besides getting the basic definition you can search Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia, and Google. It aims to be a single point of entry into the world of reference.

The App Store now has over 200,000 apps. Lured by the gold rush, developers have been churning out apps at a rate of over 1000 apps a week. Pretty much anything you can think of has been turned it to an app.

Today I’m going to be taking a look at some of the best options for making you laugh on your iPhone. Funny stories, jokes, videos, links, and images. This has proved to be one of the most lucrative categories developers, leading to an abundance of cruft. Today I’ll be slicing through the fat of the app store in search of the best iPhone humor apps.


There is a huge amount of content on the web. Billions and billions of pages all waiting to be discovered. Millions of pages are being added everyday. The problem is finding the little guys. The guys who don’t have an audience because their voice is swallowed in the sea of information. The guys who turn out pithy one liners and insightful pieces.

Stumbleupon is an online service for discovering content on the web. By hitting “Stumble” you are whisked to photos, videos, comics, articles and more about your favorite topics.


Services like Favstar.FM, Tweeteorites, and (the now defunct) Farvd, brought about a new dimension to using Twitter. The drive to get favorited. Now, I’m going to break something to you. You know those hilarious guys you follow, cranking out one-liners all day long? This is going to be shocking, but most of those tweets aren’t off the top of their head.

The raw material needs to be revised, perfected, and crafted into the perfect message. Let me introduce you to Birdhouse – a notepad for your not-quite-ready tweets!