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Marius Masalar is a composer and writer for media. He holds credentials from Berklee and Ryerson and occasionally puts them down to produce more music, writing, and carbon dioxide. His website is a nice place to visit.

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It’s that time of year around here where everyone is heading up to their cottage to air the place out after winter, and while there’s no shortage of activities once you’re there, the car ride up can get pretty boring …

Needless to say, we can help you out with a new dose of wonderful App Store entertainment. Click through and get ready for some gaming! (more…)

It feels like a puzzling sort of day, doesn’t it? It’s been a week filled with interesting releases in the puzzle genre, and we’re happy to be featuring a number of our favourites.

Don’t worry if you’re a fan of other genres though — variety is the spice of life, and we’re always keeping things spicy here at AppStorm. Click through for some crazy fish antics, a bit of petty theft and a variety of mind bending puzzles! (more…)

On this day in 1908, Mother’s Day as we know it was first celebrated in the United States. This weekend, if you’re treating mom to some gifts, don’t forget about the gift of gaming.

Today’s batch of freshly-picked App Store goodies includes a long-awaited space sim, a zombie game with a twist and some fascinating papery fun. Come see!


April wanted to go out in style, leaving us with many gaming gifts before passing the torch to the lovely month of May. Now here we are, ready to check out what the new month has in store for us.

This week we look at a profusion of excellent sequels involving everything from robot unicorns to random heroes to everyone’s favourite drawing game. Hop in and load up your iPhone for the weekend! (more…)

Hold on to your hats, folks. This week brings us a number of tremendous new App Store gaming experiences, including two major franchise sequels and a somewhat fishy new title from Halfbrick.

It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend, so join us after the break to stock up on our latest gaming recommendations! (more…)

Happy Friday, everyone!

We’ve got everything you need to quench your gaming thirst for the weekend, including some dungeon crawling fun, a sushi feast, an acrobatic crab and noir mystery to solve. Also, there is a kitten involved. Time to click through and see our favourite games for this week … (more…)

Spring is in the air, and we’re happy to welcome the balmier weather (in some parts of the world!) with a collection of new games we’ve been enjoying from the App Store.

Join me for a look at the finest new titles for this week! (more…)

April is one of my favourite months of the year, so let’s welcome it with some new game releases!

Alongside an incredible new title from the makers of Pocket Planes and Tiny Tower, you’ll find some Russian monster problems, a military super sequel and a fantasy blast from the past — jump in and have a look! (more…)

Remember the good old days when weekends meant going for walks in nature and taking fishing trips? Well, as it turns out, those days are still here … sort of!

This week, you’ll play as a vampire in a hurry, the world’s most irresponsible fisherman and even a giant boulder. There’s never a shortage of excitement on offer here on Game Friday, so click through and get playing! (more…)

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of gaming to help you unwind after the work week, and we’re always happy to help you out with the finest recent releases.

This week, you’ll meet some familiar faces in new settings, dive into a pair of super sequels and try out a fascinating spin on a familiar formula — click through and get started! (more…)

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