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Everyone likes a bargain, don’t they? If you are UK-based and haven’t yet encountered (HUKD), then I suggest you head over there soon to see what bargains you can bag — but not yet. First I want to introduce you to an app that takes all of the wealth of knowledge from that most excellent site, and filters it down to your iPhone.

Basket Buddy finds great deals and hot price drops in a store near you. Using the iPhone’s GPS locator, Basket Buddy will overlay a Google Maps map of all the nearby shops with known bargains in. You simply tap to view, see if something takes your fancy, then walk in and buy. It really is that simple.

And if the walking puts you off a bit, fear not! You can use the companion app iHotUKDeals to browse national and online deals and price drops right from the comfort of your armchair. All of this functionality is available in two free apps — your first two bargains of the day.

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TomTom U.K. & Ireland declares itself to be “world-class car navigation.” If you want to get from point A to point B, surely a map is better? Couldn’t you just ask a friend for directions, or just follow your nose? Anyways, aren’t satellite navigation systems notoriously unreliable and slow?

I would like to take you on a little tour of a new place — a place where satellite navigation works, and works very well. A place that shows you where your friends have been recently, key points of interest and where highly rated and liked places are nearby. And we will get there in the quickest time, on the best routes and if there are problems on the way — traffic jams and slowdowns — we will simply glide right past them on an alternative route.

Does all this sound too good to be true? I have lived with and tested the latest version of TomTom U.K. & Ireland for the last two months, and I can say that I am very, very impressed. Read on to find out why. (more…)

From the early 1960s, mobile TV viewing was a dream, soon to be fuelled by the Space race, and by the early 1970s, investors such as Panasonic and Sinclair Research began to make it a reality. Fast forward to today and we have a myriad of channels and seemingly unlimited content.

One provider stands out over all the rest, especially in the UK — that of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). Its content provision has consistently given us quality material, and expert presenting. What, then, of it’s flagship iPhone product (currently only available in the UK), BBC iPlayer? In an era where mobile video content is the norm and easily accessible, lets take a look to see how BBC iPlayer allows the wonderful transition from corner-of-the-room viewing to quality media content anywhere. (more…)

If you ever find yourself trying to remember those precious one-liners that your children come out with, perhaps Posterity: The Family Quote Book is for you. It’s a simple application that does one thing, and does it well: capturing quotations, along with a photo and the date to help you remember where and when it all happened. It also makes searching for quotations a breeze. Didn’t someone once say that having a child is like getting a tattoo? Here’s to a few more indelible memories! (more…)