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I'm a freelance writer and web developer and Mac nerd (obviously). I enjoy technology, bicycles, writing, good beer, music, and baseball. Killer combo, right?

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Creating video high quality video is getting easier and easier all the time. Especially with that fancy new iPhone you’ve got. You’re taking video snippets all the time, but what do you do with them? It’d be great if you could add a little “cool” to them and share with your friends wouldn’t it?

Enter Viddy, the Instagram for video.


Recording and publishing video has become incredibly easy in the last couple of years. Services like YouTube and Vimeo provide great places to share our professional and amateur videos alike. High definition video capture is built into many smartphones (iPhone 4 included) so we have a high quality camera with us all the time ready to capture whenever the moment calls.

Vimeo is a fantastic platform for sharing video and they have recently released an accompanying iPhone application. The app aims to be a full companion to the website while offering some services which utilize the hardware of the iPhone itself. It seems like a perfect place for Vimeo to be, but does their app do everything we hope it does? Let’s find out.


We’ve all re-visited a restaurant and after bit of menu wandering just cannot remember the amazing dish we had when we were here two months ago. It was the best thing you’d ever had and you told yourself you wouldn’t forget, but you did. Or maybe you’re trying to recreate that fantastic dinner you cooked up a few weeks ago, but you can’t remember exactly what you included in that salad. You knew you’d remember because it was so good, but guess what? You forgot.

Memorable Meals gives you a crutch in scenarios like these and some others as well. It allows you to quickly and easily catalog meals and their details to help you remember them. Seems like a killer idea, but how does it work?


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