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This article reviews Dragon Dictation, a speech recognition and text conversion app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With Dragon Dictation, users can supplement the standard on-screen keyboard found on iOS devices with natural language, spoken word input.

The Smartphone war between Research In Motion’s Blackberry devices and Apple’s iPhone center around the keyboard. Long before the iPhone was released, RIM paired their large screen all-in-one mobile phone and email devices with sturdy, easy to use physical keyboards. The iPhone was designed with media and simplicity in mind so Apple opted for a virtual, on-screen keyboard. Both physical keyboards and virtual keyboards have drawbacks and as any Star Trek fan will tell you, voice input is the way of the future. Created by text-to-speech software creator Nuance, Dragon Dictation hopes to become the bridge between flawed mobile keyboards by evolving the way that people input text on their iOS devices.

Read on to find out if Dragon Dictation can improve the way that you enter text on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. (more…)

Cinch is the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app for the web service. Cinchcast can be thought of as a social network built around user generated audio clips. The Cinch iOS app and in turn, form a free service that gives users the ability to record, upload and share audio while cultivating an audience through the social network.

Created by Blogtalkradio and used by infamous new media journalist Robert Scoble, the Cinch iOS app was developed to make the features and functions of available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iOS powered devices. Scoble has been quoted as saying, “I use Cinch to interview tech execs and innovators. It is the best way to record audio and share it with friends and audiences.” On the surface, the Cinch iOS app is straightforward and easy to use. When you dig a little deeper into the app, you will find that the simple features and functions of this app become very interesting when mixed with the app’s parent service,

Read more to find out what makes the Cinch iOS app interesting, what it does right and how it could be improved.

Humail is an e-mail replacement app for your iOS device. Featuring a unique way to browse and view e-mail that centers around envelopes, this e-mail app works hard to differentiate itself. In this review, I discuss the two major features that make Humail different from the default iOS e-mail client before describing additional functions such as a global inbox, shortcut bar and filters.

Created by App develop firm Insighde, Humail strives to “make e-mail emotional again”. Humail was co-founded by Chief Experience Officer Rami Khalil and Chief Innovation Officer Mahmoud Abdur-Rahman. When asked to describe the app, Khalil said, “We believe that we’ve had enough of e-mail grids and it’s the time to feel, touch and communicate with our mail contacts in a more humotional way”. This statement conveys the underlying idea that Humail is centered around: to move email away from the grids and lists with which we have become familiar. (more…)

This article reviews the social bookmarking app Delibar for the iPhone and iPod Touch iOS devices. After explaining why social bookmarking on mobile devices is important, the article will explore the features and functions of the app before reviewing how it could improve by increasing the number of social bookmarking services that the app has access to.

Delibar is an iPhone and iPod Touch app that was created to connect iOS users with the social bookmarking services Delicious and Pinboard. With Delibar, you can view bookmarks that your friends have noted, access websites that you have added using your desktop and share what you have found with friends on Delicious, Pinboard, Twitter and Facebook.


This article reviews Paprika, an easy to use recipe manager, cookbook and grocery list generator for the iPad. Created by Hindsight Labs, this app is built on the founded experience the company has in creating custom software for the restaurant industry and was created with both home and executive chef’s in mind.

When the iPad was first released, people looked closely at the tablet design and touch screen interface to wonder how and why people would use it. One of the first things that came to the minds of many iOS developers was the kitchen. Never before had a relatively inexpensive, internet-connected device been available that supported everything home cooks and professional chefs needed. Where large desktop computers, fragile laptops and small screen mobile devices have failed, the iPad was quickly seen as a viable option to replace hand written cookbooks and hard to maintain recipe cards.


You may have seen MiniBooks ads here on AppStorm and have wondered what the company is all about. Though we aren’t obligated review the apps of our sponsors, this one is good enough that we wanted to share it with you.

MiniBooks is an iOS compatible app created by Groovy Squared. In this article, we’ll review MiniBooks, highlight the pros and cons of the app and discuss how this 3rd party FreshBooks add-on can unchain your small or medium business from your desk.