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Saad Bassi is a 20 years old web developer from Pakistan who loves to create beautiful websites with great user experience. He is co-editor at CrispyTech and 1stWebDesigner. He blogs about the next Windows at Windows8Geek. He also loves to make new friends so don't forget to say him a hello on Twitter.

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Music is an art which exists in different forms around the globe. It varies depending upon culture and society, but always has a distinct style and feeling. Today, it has become a huge industry and evolved with the development of technology.

If you intend to learn any kind of music instrument, you don’t necessarily need to pay a tutor or buy that instrument at the outset; technology in the form of iPhone applications is there to instruct, guide, and assist you. Today we’ll be looking at a selection of different software for music enthusiasts – whatever instrument you specialise in!


Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on 14th February. People have mixed feelings when Valentine’s Day comes around. Although it’s turned into something of a commercial and cheesy occasion, it’s still a good chance to celebrate with your loved one (or an easy opportunity to ask someone out on a date!)

In order to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your iPhone, we have gathered 9 seasonal (and handy) applications. These should go some way towards spicing up the event and making your Valentine’s Day even more special. Just don’t spend all evening playing with your iPhone!