Your Google account pretty much contains your entire life; you rely on Google services to hold your photos, documents, contacts, calendars, emails, and so much more. In fact, your Google email account also holds the keys to almost every site you register with.

By having access to your Gmail account, an attacker could request a password reset for services like Skype, Facebook, and more. All of these extremely important services are protected by a simple combination of eight letters, numbers, and symbols. If you’re concerned about your Google account security, then you will certainly want to know about Google Authenticator for the iPhone.

Have you ever wanted an easier way to take photographs on your iPhone? Something that takes the simplicity of the Camera app and mixes it with features of a traditional DSLR? While the Apple camera application only offers a few features, perhaps you wanted an easy way to create a time lapse or take a family self portrait. With Canopy Camera Tools, a new iPhone app, you can do all that and more.

While many camera applications offer hundreds of bloated features, Canopy focuses on bringing you easy to use features without having to read a manual. Its combination of accurate icons and intuitive controls make it easy to use, while its Time Lapse features and integration with the Kopok case make it fun.


Your day is busy, packed with all sorts of events and meetings. You need a task manager that’s going to keep you on track with your schedule, like Task Eater for iOS. Task Eater makes it really easy to add new tasks, providing you with a simple interface to create a title and add additional notes about your task. Use the notes field to add information like the event location, important phone numbers, or other information relevant to the event.

Task Eater has several features that separate it from the sea of task managers in the App Store, features like assigning task categories based on a chosen icon, local notifications, a great user interface, and much more. Let’s see how you can chomp away at your daily schedule with Task Eater.

Voice augmentation has never been easier or more fun than with Voices for iPhone. With the push of a button, you can apply one of the 27 high quality audio filters. Choose from filters like Chipmunk, Underwater, or even Vocoder. Fool your friends with the Witness voice filter or impress party goers with some of the other interesting filters.

The newest update of Voices adds support for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, adding higher resolution graphics. It also greatly improves the speed of applying audio effects. In the older version, it would take around twenty to thirty seconds for each filter. In iPhone time, thirty seconds can feel like an eternity. The new version only takes five seconds at most to apply each filter.


I know why your calls keep dropping. In fact, I know why your Youtube videos won’t load fast enough. I know this because I’m using SpeedTest for iOS, a utility that lets me benchmark how fast data is being transferred over either Wireless or 3G. Within seconds, I can tell if my internet service provider is giving me the speed I’m paying for. I can also use SpeedTest for iOS to see exactly how fast AT&T’s 3G data network is, instead of just taking their word for it.

SpeedTest for iPhone is a version of, a trusted website in pinpointing how fast your internet speeds are versus the speeds of other users. SpeedTest is a fantastic tool when you’re trying to figure out why your videos load slowly, or why the internet just seems to feel laggy. Whether you are streaming a Netflix movie and not getting the speed that you’d like or playing an online game and noticing that your game is lagging alot on multiplayer, with the push of a button, you have the real results of your network speed.


The war was supposed to be over. The human race had overcome the alien attack and were promised to live in peace. However, the peacetime was merely a ploy to lull the humans into a false sense of security, and now they need your help. This is the scenario that N.O.V.A. 2 places you in, playing as a Kal Wardin who is the only one who can save humanity and end the war again. N.O.V.A. 2 is the sequel to N.O.V.A. (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) a highly successful action-adventure first person shooter for iOS. Fight through intricate and complex levels, battling against aliens and trying to stay alive.

N.O.V.A. 2 brings new levels, new weapons such as Alien Lightning Gun’s, iPhone 4 Gyroscope support, and a new story line that provides hours of intense gameplay. The N.O.V.A. series brings Halo-esque gaming to your mobile phone. N.O.V.A. also features an online multiplayer mode which extends gameplay for hundreds more hours as you battle players from all over the world in several different game types. The combination of intense firefights and amazing graphics made me addicted the minute I started playing.


You’re thousands of miles away from your home computer and you need to access a specific file. There are ample VNC (Virtual Network Computing) apps that let you connect to your computer with your iPhone or iPad, but what if you aren’t on the same network as your computer? Sure, advanced users could setup a VPN that allows you to remotely connect to your home network, but what about average users? How would you access your computer from anywhere in the world? With LogMeIn Ignition for iOS, you can do just that. Just log in with your LogMeIn account and it will handle everything. Within seconds, you will be connected to your home computer without having to setup a VPN, get an static external IP address, or use tools like DynDNS.

LogMeIn Ignition leverages their sophisticated remote software which connects two computers together without a VPN. We’re reviewed LogMeIn for Mac before on Mac.AppStorm and LogMeIn Ignition for iOS works just as seamlessly with an interface that’s easy to use on a touch screen.

LogMeIn for iOS allows me to remotely manage my home server and home computer from literally anywhere. I’m able to perform software updates, launch applications, and much more. It’s great when you need to find a specific file that you forgot to take with you.


Lab for iPhone is like using a microscope on your photos, showing you details and information that you never knew about your images. It allows you to see the meta-data, which is automatically recorded when you take a photo, showing you information such as location, resolution, file size, and camera specs. Check image resolution and file size in a slick and well designed interface that looks amazing on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Lab was designed for photographers looking to quickly check photo metadata and file sizes without having to transfer the files to their desktop computer.

Whether you’re in the field taking pictures or in front of the computer, with Lab you’ll always be able to read photo metadata at the push of a button. Lab also has an advanced info section which shows you a histogram, exposure details, and more. All this is displayed in a clean and simple interface.


This is a real life story of my experience working at an Apple Reseller before a major shopping holiday.

It was a few days before a major shopping holiday and we had a huge supply of iMacs, Macbooks, and iPods in our store. It was the perfect time for a holiday robbery, with thieves being able to steal a huge amount of valuable computers. Sure, we had an alarm, but alarms aren’t foolproof. We didn’t want to take a chance with so much product on the line. We also didn’t want to spent hours watching a surveillance camera in hopes we would catch someone breaking in.

We wanted something that would alert us if it detected motion. We wanted something portable enough to run on a few laptops or connect to our current security camera system. We turned to an app called iCam. iCam allowed us to connect several Macbooks to iCams software, giving us access to a live video stream from anywhere in the world.


Are you an absolute pixel perfectionist? Do you live and breath design? Do you know the difference between Times New Roman and Helvetica? If you answered yes to all those questions, then let me introduce you to a beautiful application.

Calvetica by Mysterious Trousers is a simplistic way to organize your calendars and tasks. It requires no setup, grabs your calendar data from the built in calendar application, and it’s super easy to use. The app takes the concept of simplicity and brings it to your calendar.

With Calvetica, you get all the power of Apple’s built in calendar with the simplicity much like the idea behind Windows Phone 7.


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