Its fair to say that camping trips are as prevalent today as they have ever been before, if not more so, ranging from family overnight trips to weeks away at a time. Nowadays, technology is an increasingly influential part of our lives and in recent years, largely due to the iPhone having brought highly sophisticated technology to the masses, these outdoors excursions have become greatly more technological.

Whereas before when high-tech pieces of equipment were left only to the professionals and regular campers, now anyone with an iPhone and a few bits of software can master the outdoors (or at least be significantly more prepared). Read on past the break to see what apps you should pick up for your next outdoors adventure. (more…)

When Sparrow first appeared last year it almost immediately became a runaway success. Email is such a vital part of many people’s life and its no secret that many people, including yours truly, are getting fed up with the rather archaic nature of the system. What Sparrow for Mac did was create a clean and simple way to work with emails with great functionality. This made emails, dare I say it, more fun. No longer was it such a laborious task.

I’m not suggesting that Sparrow have single handedly “cured” emails, but it certainly eases the pain. Naturally, there was swiftly a cry for the wonders of Sparrow to be brought to the iPhone, and now it’s here. Head on past the break to learn more. (more…)

Tweetbot is no new entry to the market, Tapbots (its creator) released it first into the App Store back in April 2011 and we reviewed it back when it launched . But since then it has become better and better, and grown higher and higher in the charts (aided by the release of the official Twitter 4 client). Earlier this week,Tapbots revealed Tweetbot 2, along with the iPad version.

Follow on to see what’s new in this free update to Tweetbot! (more…)

Path has received a lot of press recently with the release of Path V 2.0 and its user interface overhaul. The app started just over a year ago in November of 2010 with a focus on being a personal social network with just 50 of your closest friends. Reviews around the web were mixed, and the limitation of 50 friends was something many people weren’t too happy about — the app didn’t live up to expectations.

After realising that some serious changes were in order, the team spent many months churning out what was to be a vast improvement on the original version. Head past the break to see if the team had a successful relaunch.

It’s safe to say there’s no shortage of music apps in the market, and even the native client is very capable and suitable for most — so why would anyone want this app? In short, there are two reasons: beauty and simplicity.

Audium is an exceptionally elegant music player that gets rid of complex options like playlists and even individual song lists, instead focusing on the albums. Head past the break to check it out.


No doubt that any of you who have ever had the fortune of travelling by plane have had the confusing experience of locating information on the boarding pass. These things, it seems, were designed by a “small, blind, parakeet” (from Tyler’s post) and finding what you want can be a mission in its self.

Well the guys from Sylion took it upon themselves to solve this issue and quite simply reinvent the boarding pass. Head on past the break to meet Flight Card, and see how their stunning design has influenced the way we fly — forever.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist that title. But if you can forgive me, then I think you might just enjoy this app. Cocktail apps are nothing new to iOS, and quite frankly, I thought I’d seen enough of them, until this one came along. As soon as I saw the screenshots and learned that the wonderfully talented Datz brothers were designing it, I knew it was going to be special. I was not disappointed.

Want to find out more about The Cocktail App? Hit the jump and let’s tear into it.


VoIP clients (Voice over Internet Protocol) have been all the buzz really since Skype made its debut in 2003. When developers realized the potential behind mobile platforms and VoIP there was a race to see who could get the best quality services out there. Skype introduced its iPhone version in 2009, and while there have been other apps like Nimbuzz that offer ‘package’ IM services, Skype had the most success on the iPhone.

Then came applications like WhatsApp that offered free texting – BBM style. This was hugely popular because it was cross-platform free texting, simply using (a very small amount of) your phone Internet. Further, instead of using a separate account that you have to set up like Skype does, it relied purely on your phone number, and synced with everyone in your phonebook, so anyone who had the app could contact you without having to add them again.

Well what would happen if you combined the glory of free calling that Skype offers and the free texting and use of your mobile number that Whatsapp brings – the answer is Viber.


Photo labeling may not be something you are normally familiar with and to be honest I was the same until I found Labelbox. A fairly new iOS application by Stepcase. Labelbox has been taking the App Store by storm recently, being downloaded over a million times in less than a month.

Labelbox makes labeling photos exceptionally easy in an aesthetically pleasing way, and with great end results. Photo labeling may not be your thing, but have a go at this and see if it changes your mind, it did mine!