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Hello there, I'm Luke - a twenty-three year old from the fabulous city of Bristol, UK. I have a passion for writing, tech, pop-culture, fashion, music, cigarettes and coffee.

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Recently, I reviewed DailyCost — one of the best apps I’ve used for keeping track of day-to-day expenses. Today, we’re going to take a look at Spendee, which is marketed as perhaps a slightly more fully-featured finances app. It is designed to take your day-to-day expenses and incomes, plus your recurring expenses and incomes (such as bills and wages), and turns that data into charts, graphs and even has a social media-esque “feed” where you get given tips on managing your money and even earn achievements.

Let’s see how it stacks up after the jump. (more…)

In this modern-day smartphone era, it’s become far easier to manage your finances. DailyCost is an app that instead of trying to help you organise your bills, expenses, mortgages and loans, focuses on helping you keep track of the expenses you rack up each and every day — the coffees, the nights out and so on. You do so by entering an entry in the app every time you spend, and in doing so can help you better understand how all those little things can add up. In turn, it can help you become smarter with your money.

However, many apps with near the exact same purpose as DailyCost already exist, and many do a great job — so how does it stand up to the competition? Let’s find out! (more…)

The original Angry Birds is arguably one of the most successful mobile games ever. In only just over three years, you can find a slew of sequels, hordes of merchandise and even an Angry Birds TV cartoon that airs in the developer’s home land of Finland. I’d bet that a large majority of readers checking out this article have played Rovio’s hit at some point, and if you haven’t, I’d wonder how you managed to avoid it.

Rovio is back with yet another sequel, but this time, it’s not an affiliation with a big blockbuster movie. Angry Birds Friends is all about bringing deep Facebook integration to everyone’s favourite bird-flinging game. Let’s take a closer look at what Rovio has crammed into its latest title, after the break. (more…)

Gameloft is quickly becoming known for their iOS ‘copies’ of popular console/PC games. I reviewed Order and Chaos a while back, which was and still is the closest thing you’ll get to World of Warcraft on your iPhone or iPad.

Well, they’re at it again with their new title, Heroes of Order and Chaos. Retaining the environments and characters of the OaC world, this game is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) title that clearly takes inspiration from the hugely popular PC title, League of Legends.

Let’s see how it fares, after the jump. (more…)

As the world goes more and more mobile, people want to be able to take as much of their life with them as possible. Many people, including yours truly, write for a blog — be it your own, or someone else’s as a writer. It only seems natural that we should be able to blog wherever we are and not have to wait until we get back to our computers to get work done.

Luckily for us bloggers, we have a few choices available when it comes to using an iOS device to manage blogs. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Poster, one of the better blogging apps available. Let’s get into it after the break. (more…)

Snooker, whilst a fairly niche sport, is one that tends to be recreated in digital form as a game on most platforms these days. Snooker games have long been available on the PC and consoles as real, in-depth simulations of the sport. Mobile versions, however, have always been scarce, and when they are available, tend to be much more arcade than simulation.

This is where International Snooker 2012 steps in. It’s one of the best mobile recreations of the sport available — but it’s not without its flaws. Lets give it a spin after the jump. (more…)

It’s difficult to deny that the iPhone, and smartphones in general, have changed the world of photography. Gone are the days of needing to own a point-and-shoot camera to be able to take decent pictures whilst out and about, because most of us have a great camera built into our phone. Furthermore, the App Store is now home to hundreds, if not thousands of apps dedicated to helping you get the most out of your smartphone camera, giving you quick and easy ways to edit, improve and share your photos.

Wood Camera is one of the latest additions to the ever-growing photo editing app market, and it shines. Let’s go more in depth after the jump. (more…)

Some apps available for smartphones these days try and do too much at once. They present you with an endless list of features, but they’re all executed badly and the resulting experience is frustrating. Other apps, whilst having less features, focus on one specific task but pull it off brilliantly — and the resulting experience is fantastic. Countdown Me is a great example of the latter. Let’s take a look at how it takes such a simple concept, and turns it into a very well-rounded app that’s a joy to use. (more…)

The modern world of gaming is very different to the one of a decade ago. Games consoles are being marketed as far more than just machines to play games on; devices like the iPhone along with the App Store have revolutionised the way we perceive portable gaming, and console manufacturers are struggling to find ways to compete. Even home consoles are becoming outdated, as they largely force us to use physical media in a world where we’ve gotten used to just downloading a new game whenever we fancy.

Microsoft have done something awesome. Instead of releasing something else to compete with Apple in this market, they released Xbox SmartGlass. The app allows you to use your iOS device as an extension of your Xbox, and it is very, very cool. (more…)

Paying to park is one of the many things in life that mankind has come to just accept — no one likes doing it, it’s not going away but sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. Even if you don’t need to pay to park, sometimes you end up parking so far away from where you need to be that you spend hours trying to find your car later on.

The app I’m reviewing today doesn’t do away with paid parking, but it does help with many of the annoyances the world of parking can bring us. It also has an extraordinarily sexy UI that will make many look at the app even if they don’t drive. Let’s get into Parkbud after the break. (more…)

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