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William Mengers is a web designer based in the Maryland - DC area in the US. He just recently completed a program through Johns Hopkins University in web and graphic design. William considers the web and technology not only his career, but a personal hobby. To learn more about him you can view his website at or follow him on twitter.

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If any aspect of your job involves design, get ready to install a few new iPhone applications. In this bumper roundup we will be taking an in-depth look at fifty apps for web designers. They fall into categories including FTP and Storage, Colors and Design, Fonts and Typography, Coding, Site Analytics, and various others.

While most of the apps are free, a few will require that you fork over a couple of dollars. Even if you’re not into web design, there are some really useful apps mentioned below that may be of interest to you. Here we go!


I’ve always been a fan of Google, so when I bought my iPhone, Google Mobile was one of the first apps I downloaded. During this review, we’ll get into the functionality and features of the app including its search capabilities, custom settings and access to all the great Google apps you already know.

I, and I’m sure most of you reading this, use Google on a daily basis. On top of the most popular Google apps such as Gmail and Google Docs, the Google Mobile app gives you access to other useful Google apps while on the go; Calendar, Maps, YouTube… the list goes on.


Have you ever been sitting at home while making a call to someone only to find yourself hurrying up the conversation to save minutes? Or how about paying outrageous international roaming charges when travelling abroad? Now, wherever there’s a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can make ‘app to app’ calls for free.

You may wonder what ‘app to app’ means. Well, with VoIP calls there is no direct and easy way to make free calls from your iPhone to a cellular or landline. Doing so does costs money (albeit sometimes far less than using your cellular network), and each VoIP client has their own rates. But, if you wish to call someone who is already using Skype, Fring, or any of the other apps listed below, you can in fact do so for free.

Below are some of the most popular and widely used VoIP apps for the iPhone!


Have you ever wished to bridge the gap between technology and your personal life on the iPhone? Now you can with a new app called Momento. Momento, from D3i, is an app that acts a “digital diary,” if you will. It stores everything from journal entries to Flickr photos into a timeline that is fully searchable based on tagged people, places or custom tags. Momento lets you add photos to your entries as well, making for a nice, media-rich diary.

On top of keeping record of diary entries or “moments,” as the app calls them, Momento integrates itself with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and to create a content-rich timeline. Let’s dive in and check out all the features this great app has to offer and how to take advantage of them.


When Apple came out with copy/paste functionality for the iPhone earlier this year, it received a warm welcome. Users were now able to have the basic ability to copy and paste text. But what about copy and paste functionality plus the added benefit of a clipboard that stores everything you copy, including images?

For users in need of more than the basic copy/paste you may want to consider Pastebot. This review will take a look at the functionality this wonderfully designed app has to offer.