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If you’re one of those hardy souls who works outside of the office then you’re probably used to having to track the time you work and your expenses. If you’re still using spreadsheets or, even worse, recording things on scraps of paper, then it’s high time you changed your habits and made your life easier. Whether you’re a freelancer, a frequent business traveler, or a manager of remote teams, reach for your iPhone and download some expenses and time tracking apps for iPhone and save yourself some of your valuable time.

In addition to tracking your time and expenses these cloud-based applications generally give you to an array of different features through integration with other top SaaS business applications. Through these, users can collaborate with their colleagues, sync time tracking with accounting and payroll applications, and much more.

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Do you manage a retail business? Do you wish there was more you could do when you’re not around in the store or near a computer? Of course you do! Thankfully there are plenty of retail apps for iPhone that can help you take care of business while you’re on the move, so you can relax in the knowledge that things are ticking over smoothly.

iPhone retail management apps can offer all the functionality merchants need to run their business. These applications are easy to set up and comfortable to use. Using iPhone retail apps you can cut costs, make your business more efficient and relieve you from feeling chained to the computer all the time.

All of these retail apps for iPhone are based around SaaS retail management sotware, with some requiring paid subscription and others offering freemium options.

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What to give your sales team a competitive edge? Today on Appstorm I’m going to look at Salesforce apps for iPhone that give you and your team access to the wide range of Salesforce tools and services from an Apple phone. These applications accompany Salesforces’ powerful line-up of Sales, Marketing and Analytics SaaS business solutions.

The reasons for incorporating Salesforce applications into your business are abundant. The applications alone are leaders in their specific departments, however, when integrated with your business software their benefits are supreme — helping you to manage your whole business and its data from one application.

The main way to access Salesforce applications on your iPhone is through Salesforce1. In addition to this, admins can use SalesforceA to help manage their employees access and permissions.

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Through a HR application businesses can hire employees, manage attendance and even control the allocation of holidays. By making the process quick and accessible to all members of an organization it makes utilizing a HR app essential.

Choosing the best application for you is where the process can become complicated. In this article I’ve rounded up the seven best HR apps for iPhone. By doing this I can hopefully make that decision easier.

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SWAG or “Speak With A Geek” is an innovative service that attempts to connect you with technical specialists local to your business. It’s completely free to use and helps you find technical experts that can get you out of a jam or solve a problem.

For those offering services, Speak With A Geek works by matching you with business clients in your area based on your skills and certifications. The great thing is that it offers maximum flexibility – you can work when you want as much as you want and you control availability, client communication, hourly rate and invoicing. There are no commissions taken by SWAG either – the service is free to use so you have nothing to lose by at least listing yourself on there.


Great news folks: AppStorm is back! After more than a year in limbo, the popular app review network has a new owner, a new team of eager writers, and a fresh new outlook.

As you may know, AppStorm closed shop back in January 2014. However, the network has now been taken over by business app discovery network, Nubera. We’ve been long-time admirers of AppStorm and the insightful reviews and useful advice it offers on Mac, Web, Windows, and mobile applications. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to continue the great work put in by previous owner Envato and its team of talented writers and reviewers.


Everyone enjoys taking pictures, as taking a photo is how many choose to capture a moment or memory in digital form. The iPhone — and, by extension, iOS as a platform — has quickly become one of the most popular ways to take these photos. Apple has included industry-leading optics in their devices since the iPhone 4. More importantly, Apple has focused on the software side of their solution, making a solution where tech specs take a back seat to the processing techniques in iOS. Let’s take a look back at the year through the lens (pun intended) of photography. (more…)

Podcasting has been around since the early 2000s, and it has undergone a massive amount of change since then. The mobile industry itself has seen change — gone are the iPods and Creative MP3 players, replaced by the dominance of smartphones. While the iPhone doesn’t hold the lion’s amount of market share that the iPod did, it has been enough to catapult both podcast clients and podcasts themselves to a completely new level. In 2013, we saw just how utterly successful that market has become. (more…)

Reading is a topic that a lot of us get fired up about, mainly because we all do so much of it. It’s a field many of us are very experienced in. When people make decisions about buying a hardcore or a softcover book, they’re using their experience to make that choice. That’s why talking about the perfect reading experience is so tough — no two people have the same tastes.

That’s my word of warning as I enter into this: the following article, even more so than usual, is nothing more than my opinion. But let me be the one to tell you, and I hope you’ll agree, my opinion is certainly the most correct one. I’ll start by saying that the new iBooks for iOS 7 is terrible. Whereas before, choosing between iBooks and Kindle was tough, the decision just got a whole lot easier. Quite simply, I’m about to tell you why I prefer the Kindle experience over iBooks.


Don’t judge a book by its cover–a valuable piece of advice I was taught early in my life, as I’m sure a lot of you where as well. More often than not I find this old adage to be profoundly true, but, at times, I find it incredibly difficult to live by. I, like a lot of individuals, find it easier to embrace something that’s pleasing to the eye. Sometimes it turns out well, which I’m sure most Apple device owners can attest to (just holding my iPad mini is one of my favorite past times), but other times I’m reminded why the adage rings so true.

Taasky is an app that was on my radar several months before its launch. I had seen it showcased on several blogs and Dribbble because of it’s beautiful and sleek design. I was enamored, to say the least. So, when the app found its way to the App Store I was quite pleased, and downloaded it with haste. What I discovered after spending a mere few minutes with the app, however, was another lesson involving books and their covers. (more…)

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