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Everyone here at iPhone.AppStorm would like to send out a huge thanks to this month’s iPhone.AppStorm sponsors, for all of the great work that they do. If you would like to advertise on the site, you can purchase a space through BuySellAds.

Civil War: 1863 — Relive iconic battles of the American Civil War. Take command of both the Union and Confederate forces in this exciting turn-based strategy game from the developers behind the international top-selling Tank Battle: 1944.

ScreenDIY — ScreenDIY is right here to help you customize the look of your iPhone/iPod Touch ever cooler! DIY Lock Screen & Home Screen by combining various frames, patterns and backgrounds! Set wallpaper from exclusively designed collection including App Shelves, Icon Skins, Background and much more.

Fit Girl App — Fit Girl app is the ultimate workout specific for women. The Fit Girl App helps women burn fat, gain strength, endurance and become super fit. The Fit Girl App features over 100 fat burning workouts that allow the user to target specific trouble areas or sweat away 800 plus calories with cardio boxing, boot camp and athletic sessions. Every session is challenging, fun and “girl specific!”

Daily Shopper —  The Daily Shopper brings the best Internet deals together in one place with a unique design to allow you to quickly browse through deals that interest you. Instead of checking different sites and emails, all the deals are at your fingertips – literally! There is a diverse selection of sites that is being expanded with frequent updates. Whether it’s computers and electronics, apparel and shoes, outdoor and sporting gear, watches and jewelry, toys and games, or home goods and accessories there is something here for everyone.

appture — Share your photos with the people you care about the most in Appture. No more privacy settings. You are the album curator; only people you invite will ever see the album and its contents. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Allow people to contribute their photos to your album to tell a compelling story. Immerse your audience. Enrich your photos by adding audio commentary and paint a picture for them. Sound off. Leave voice comments on your favorite pictures because sometimes text just isn’t enough.

Sharpmen — Sharpmen is an online shopping and lifestyle channel for men. Everyday our team features the coolest and greatest products we find from all over the world.

Clear Tones — You don’t want to look like everybody else, why would your iPhone/Android phone sound like everybody else’s? Cleartones offers a set of 50 quality “hand made” minimalist ringtones for the serious user. Like yourself.

CreTouch — Looking for a new case for your iPhone? CreTouch has a wide variety of cases for the iPhone 4, 3GS and 4S, including perimeter cases as well as fronts and backs. These cases not only look fantastic, but also give a luxurious look to your iPhone.

AppFusion — 6 in 1! — New from the creator of Volt: AppFusion gives you 6 super-fun, classic, entertainment apps in one must have application! Screen Crack, Lightning Bolts, Tazer, Bubble Popping, Steamy Screen and Fire Drawing!

Burst! — Not long ago in a far distant land, young Chester awakens from his slumber to find the morning skies filled with balloons. Gasp! Alarmed at the possibility of treachery in the sky, Chester embarks on the balloon popping journey of his life in pursuit of the mysterious villain, Lyndon. But Lyndon won’t be caught without a fight. Chester must complete each of Lyndon’s balloon puzzles while avoiding the toxic black balloons filled with deadly moon fumes.

Konash Bust — Konash Bust – Defeat those pesky germs. You play as 1 comical looking white blood cell, you must match the color of germs to the same color in at least rows of 3 to defeat the row of germs. Make sure they don’t reach the vital organs or it is “game over.” The more germs you defeat the more points you get, earn enough points to beat the level and progress to the next.

ChatCube – Free Calls & Messaging — ChatCube empowers you to make 100-percent free, mobile HD-VoIP calls and chat anytime, anywhere to your ChatCube friends. Send pictures, videos, voice messages, contacts and locations for free. Plus, you can make cheap phone calls worldwide to any landline or mobile phone. VoIP calls work on EDGE, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Tiny Ninja Dash — Tiny Ninja Dash! GET READY TO BATTLE! It’s a cold, windy winter day and you must get control of the bridge. You have joined forces with the white ninjas in an attempt to prevent the dark ninjas from crossing the bridge and getting to the other side.

Westfield Malls — It’s the best of the mall in the palm of your hand and the ultimate, must-have app for the savvy shopper. Introducing your personal shopping assistant for all 47 Westfield shopping centers in the United States, now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

ProCam — ProCam is the most realistic camera experience on the iPhone. Designed to look and operate like a digital camera, it also features all the functions you have come to expect from a point-and-shoot and more. With ProCam your camera phone is no longer a compromise.


We’ve collected the top four reviews, roundups and how-to articles from across the AppStorm network in August. Whether you’re interested in Mac, iPhone, Web, Android, Windows, or iPad apps, there’s bound to be something you didn’t spot over the course of the month. Now would be a good time to explore a part of the AppStorm Network you’ve never seen before!

Thanks for reading AppStorm, and I hope you enjoy looking over some of our favourite posts from last month!


Our featured sponsor this week is AnyShape — Photo Editor, a powerful and versatile tool for editing your photos on your iPhone.

One great thing about the iPhone is the ability to take amazing photos wherever you are, but what about when it comes time to edit those pictures? Sure, you can add fancy effects with lots of different apps, but I’m talking about real, Photoshop-style editing. What app does that?

AnyShape — Photo Editor lets you edit your photos in extremely detailed ways. You can use a selection tool the cut an image out from its background, or change the selected area. Want to apply effects? Sure, you can do that too, including pixelate, greyscale and more. Or you can just cut out a portion of the photo and make the background transparent. Seriously, there’s a lot of tools at your disposal with this app, and it all works with your fingers.

In fact, let’s get specific. You’ve got your Bezier selection tool, a finger smudging tool, selective filtering and coloring, shape cropping — this thing is jam packed. Plus, it can process any image up to 10MP or 25MB. Through that in with a ton of filters and professional enhancement tools, and that’s a pretty solid package for under a buck.

Ultimately, AnyShape — PhotoEditor gives you freedom. You don’t have to hop onto your Mac to edit your photos anymore, you can do them right away from the comfort of your couch or while riding to work on the train. No matter where you are, you have all the same tools on hand as you would with your Mac, but they’re in your pocket. That’s pretty impressive.

Go Get It!

Right now, AnyShape — Photo Editor is on sale for just $0.99, so scoop it up while you can!

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Have you been staring at the same drab wallpaper for weeks? Are you starving for some new wallpapers and backgrounds. Do you need something to spruce up your iPad and show off the gorgeous screen? Look no further.

Here are some fantastic wallpaper roundups, there’s something for everybody!

Alright, we’ve tabulated up the entrants, done some checking and we’ve got the winners for the 10 copies of Bankr. They are:

  • Mike Henderson
  • Boni Oloff
  • Levi Breederland
  • Uriel Albarran O.
  • Shawn Collins
  • Sean — @seanbolak
  • Andy Lau
  • Bo — @Bomedpatient
  • Lan Xu
  • Prudence Fahie
All winners have been sent their promo codes via Twitter DM. Thanks to everyone who entered, and be on the lookout for a big contest soon! (more…)

With the new iPhone seemingly just a breath away, it’s time to tally up all of the iPhone rumors. There have been quite a lot of them in the past few months, but now it’s up to you to let us know which one of those you think is most likely to happen. Is it the new dock connector? A smaller, unibody design? Will it be able to make Julienne Fries? Answer in the poll to the right!

Icon image via Gizmodo

Our featured sponsor this week is Wireless Transfer App, a simple way for you to move photos and videos between any computer or device.

It’s a holiday weekend, and you’re off at a friend’s house, celebrating the end of the summer with a BBQ. You’re having a good time, so you take a few pictures and shoot some video with your iPhone of the big day so that you can remember it forever. Before you leave your friend asks, “Suppose I could get a copy of those pictures?”

With iCloud, there are a lot of ways to send your pictures between your own devices, but what about to another person? Sending them via email can be tedious, and even with iCloud, there’s still no great way to transfer movies. What if there was a way you could transfer those files anywhere to any device that has an Internet connection? That’s what Wireless Transfer App is all about.

How does it work? If you want to send between your iPhone and iPad, for example, just fire up Wireless Transfer App on both devices. Select Send on the device you’re using to send the files, and Receive on the other end. Then just pick your device and tap on what files you want. And if you want to do the same thing on your Mac or PC, just enter in the web address at the bottom of the screen into your web browser and a page like the one pictured above will appear. Pick the photos you want, and they’re yours. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Go Get It!

Wireless Transfer App is available right now, and it’s free, so you really have no excuse not to try it out. Go give it a shot and get those files moving today!

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The new iPhone should be coming out soon, which means we’ll all have the chance to either order the iPhone online or buy it in the store. At our house, we ship them direct because we’ve always had the same carrier and we always have someone at home anyways to sign for the packages. But we used to wait in line because it was kind of fun hanging out with the other iPhone faithful.

What about you? Do you wait in line, ship direct or something else? Let us know in the poll to the right.

I didn’t wait in line for the original iPhone, but I was there for the second day of the iPhone 3G launch, and on launch day ever since. Nowadays, we pre-order our iPhones and have them shipped to the house, but no matter which option we choose, we’ve always got our iPhones on launch day.

What about you? Do you get your iPhones ASAP or do you wait for the hype to die down a bit? Let us know in the poll to the right.

Last year, we held a pretty popular promo in conjunction with Green iPhone, now known as Newaya Recycling. We’ve got a similar promotion in the works in the next few months, but it made me start wondering about what our readers do with their old iPhones. Do you recycle them by giving or selling them to someone else? Or do you sell them outright to a stranger? Let us know in the poll to the right.

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