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We’d like to say a big thank you to this month’s iPhone.AppStorm sponsors, and the great software they create! If you’re interested in advertising, you can order a slot through BuySellAds.

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Cretouch – Dress your device with Creative Touch, a series of delightfully designed iPhone cases and protective covers in a wide range of styles.

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CopyTrans TuneSwift – Changing PCs or switching to Mac without losing your iTunes library? CopyTrans TuneSwift is the easiest and safest way to move iTunes data to a Mac or any PC.
Backup the entire iTunes library including iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone backups. Save the latest changes of your iTunes library by using the incremental backup feature. Import the iTunes library from an external hard drive and restore it from previous backups. Anytime & anywhere your iTunes library just a flap away!

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MobilePhoneRecyclingComparison – Compare mobile phone recycling provide an easy online service for people to compare who pays the most when you recycle your mobile phone. We do not point anyone specifically at any one website it is up to you to choose where you think is best suitable. We have many mobile phone recycling companies to choose from.

iPhone Transfer Platinum – Easily backup movies, music, photos (PDF and EPUB formats), books, ringtones to computer and iTunes, transfer iPhone files, transfer PC to iPhone/iPod. Backup iPhone to iTunes. Synchronize iPhone with iTunes library quickly. Convert and copy any videos, audios formats like 3GP, AVI, FLV, M2TS, MTS, MKV, DVR-MS, MPEG, TS, NSV, MOV, H264, RM, WMV, etc to iPhone. Rip DVD moviess, DVD folders or ISO files, then directly transfer to iPhone.

Ringtone Designer – Ringtone Designer allows you to convert your favorite songs on your phone to customized ringtones.

Zapd – Websites in 60 seconds from your iPhone. Make a free instant website, choose a theme, name it, and begin to share your experiences. Make as many as you want. Each with a unique style.

Several reports and rumors have speculated that Apple is looking to dramatically revamp the default maps app. When the iPhone first launched, this app was perhaps the single best mode of finding where you were going on any device. It looked great, was extremely intuitive and had plenty of features. Unfortunately, though it has made a little progress in years since, it is definitely no longer the mapping pinnacle that it once was.

Today we’re going to toss around some ideas and suggestions for potential areas of weakness that Apple could benefit from updating.

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Once upon a time, back when every kid knew what TMNT stood for, a large portion of my life was devoted to my beloved Nintendo Entertainment System, and subsequently my SNES. These two consoles and several boxes full of games provided a never-ending stream of mind-numbing TV time that many parents today would never dream of allowing their kids to engage in.

These days I have almost zero time for console gaming (I’ve barely finished a single game since Ocarina of Time), but since gaming was such a major part of my childhood, I can’t help but get all excited when retro games from this time period are reborn on the gadget that I spend most of my time on these days.

Two particular games have recently caught my attention because of their old school heritage: Mike Tyson – Main Event and NBA JAM.

At long last, the white iPhone 4 is available for purchase. I lost track of how many times this thing has been delayed and how many times Mac rumor sites have claimed that it was just around the corner.

Interestingly enough, it seems that it was the camera holding it back all this time. There were issues with the white glass back leading to washed out photos. It’s fascinating that simply changing the color of the device can lead to so many unforeseen issues! Fret not however, all of these problems have been addressed and Apple has probably learned a great deal about offering color variations for future products that contain cameras.

Today we want to know whether you even care that the white iPhone has finally made it onto the scene. For all its hype, it’s still just an iPhone 4. If you’re not a fan of black though, this could be just the catalyst you needed to take the plunge and fork out the cash to upgrade that aging iPhone 3GS.

Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment below with your thoughts. Are you buying one? Why or why not?

Today is our third post in a series titled “Ask the Editor”. This is a great way for you to ask questions and get help for all things iPhone. Whether you’ve just purchased your first iPhone and need help setting it up or are a pro with an advanced technical question, I’ll tackle your problem and see if I can help!

We’ve had some great questions submitted since last time, so read on to find out what my responses are and how you can submit your own questions for the next article.

This week news outlets all over the U.S. exploded with a juicy conspiracy story: iPhones are secretly keeping track of the location of their users on a minute-by minute basis! (Read about it here)

The gist is that your phone creates a file with this information which is then hidden deep on your computer upon sync. As far as anybody can tell, the file isn’t being transmitted to Apple in any way. If this is true, the only privacy threat then comes from people that know how to access the file and have direct access to your computer. In other words, if you’re cheating on a tech-savvy spouse, you’re bound to get busted (unless you encrypt the data).

Obviously, there are two primary reactions to this information. Some are convinced that Steve Jobs and Obama are huddled in a room watching everything you do, others are taking a “Who cares?” approach because their lives aren’t really that exciting anyway.

Today we want to hear your opinion on the matter. Is this a major invasion of privacy or no big deal? Vote abovet and leave a comment below explaining your vote.

Congratulations to Andrew Dilger (@and314rew), you’ve won a free SteelSeries Siberia Neckband Headset! You’ll be receiving an email shortly with more information.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered and shared the contest on Twitter. Keep an eye out for more awesome competitions soon.


Recently, we posted a head-to-head match between Pulse and FLUD, two attractive and innovative new readers for the iPhone. Today we want to get your input on which unique news aggregator you like best.

Our contestants are Pulse News Mini, FLUD Mobile, Reeder, Taptu and News360. All of these are quality attempts at versatile, customizable and design-conscious news readers and all are free with the exception of Reeder.

Cast your vote on the right and tell us which app you think is the best, then leave a comment below ranking those that you’ve tried. Obviously, we couldn’t list every news reader on the App Store so feel free to write in your favorite if we missed it!

Productivity apps comprise one of the hottest niches on the app store. For whatever reason, we simply can’t get enough todo list applications! The problem of course with these apps is that, despite being fairly simple, many of them can run you upwards of $70 by the time you purchase the Mac, iPhone and iPad versions. Even after spending all that money you don’t always get synced tasks between the various versions!

Wunderlist is the app that’s changing everything. It’s free, gorgeous, has professional features like list-sharing, exists on almost every platform you can think of and is always up-to-date no matter where you access it from.

We sat down with Robert Kock, the co-founder of 6Wunderkinder (the company behind Wunderlist) to see how they created such a successful app, why they can offer it for free and what other goodies we can expect to see in the future.


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