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The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have ushered in an unprecedented new era of mobile gaming with a seemingly endless supply of fresh and innovative content. Ten years ago who would’ve thought that a cell phone would ever be seen as a serious gaming device?

Today we want to get a feel for which types of games our audience likes the best. Are you a sports fanatic or a first person shooter fiend? Cast your vote on the right then leave a comment below telling us your top three favorite iPhone games of all time.

As always, this information will help us properly target our content so that it stays relevant and interesting to you our readers. The more input you give the better we can make your AppStorm experience!

Tech blogs have been buzzing about Near Field Communication for some time now, hailing it as a major player in the future of portable electronics. In fact, the current wave of rumors indicates that the iPhone 5 might make use of NFC in some capacity.

So what is this voodoo technology that might or might not show up in your next iPhone? Will it make your life better? Should you be excited about it? Read on to find out!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve randomly chosen our five winners, each of whom will receive a free copy of OffMaps 2 for iPhone and a voucher for 5 extra map downloads!

If you’re one of the lucky five listed below, stay tuned, you should be receiving an email with more details soon!


With the iTunes Store now containing well over 300,000 apps and growing at unprecedented rates, the iPhone has become the source of a fairly new type of serious psychological condition: App Addiction. We here at iPhone.AppStorm are full-blown app addicts and proudly download and test every new toy we can get our hands on.

Today we want to gauge your level of app addiction with a simple poll that asks how many apps you download per week (not counting standard updates). Are you a casual downloader or an obsessive app-crazed lunatic!?

After voting in the poll, leave a comment and let us know how many of these are paid apps and how many are free. Do you stick to free downloads or are you spending serious amounts of cash to build up the ever-growing kingdom of Apple?

Last week Twitter updated the Terms of Use on their API and Ryan Sarver, one of Twitter’s top API guys, issued a very interesting statement that immediately lit a fire under developers and bloggers in the tech world.

Keep reading to see what Twitter said, whether it’s as serious as everyone thinks it is, and why it just may be the case that Twitter is screwing over the very group of people that made it what it is today.


It’s often the hardest to convince yourself to pay for an app that’s very similar to another free app. That’s a big reason why most iOS users just stick with Mobile Safari for browsing from iPhone or iPod Touch; it’s included with their device for free, and just works. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

For everything that it does well, though, Safari is still pretty lacking. It’s great at rendering standards compliant sites, and even works decently to switch back and forth between several pages. But start trying to multitask between multiple sites and Safari’s shine starts to wear off. Web browsing on iPhone feels so similar to browsing from your computer, it’s easy to start using it more like it’s a computer until you’re frustrated that Safari is reloading sites each time you switch pages and can’t do things you’ve done for years in a normal browser such as viewing the source of a site.

Clearly, a better solution is needed. While all browsers on the App Store have to use the built-in Webkit rendering and Javascript engine, many designers have set out to improve on Safari within these constraints. Today, we’re going to look at 360 Web Browser, a newer alternative browser app that packs tons of features into a mobile browser. With a bold look and more features than we could possibly cover in a review, it’s definitely one interesting browser. Keep reading to learn more about it.

As the editor of one of the best iPhone app publications around, I spend a lot of time in the iTunes App Store. Significant portions of my every day life are spent browsing new offerings, spotting trends and checking out the latest updates to already popular applications.

Every time I visit the App Store I can’t help but notice how broken it is. Searching and even browsing for apps is an incredibly inefficient process that gobbles up time easier than playing Angry Birds. Below we’ll discuss what’s wrong and why Apple needs to quit dragging their feet and implement a fix already!


Everyone’s current favorite rumor regarding the iPhone 5 points to the possibility of the glass back plate being changed to aluminum, similar to that seen on the iPod Touch. The glass back on the iPhone 4 has reportedly caused several problems both structural, with breaking and scratching, and functional, due to difficulties with painting and camera interaction on the ever illusive white iPhone 4.

Also, an aluminum back would both be lighter and cheaper to manufacture, which aligns with rumors about Apple seeking to reduce the overall cost of the iPhone.

Personally, I really like the glass back. The iPhone 4 is heavy, but in a good way that makes it feel like a solid product. I’m actually much less prone to dropping it than my extremely light iPod Touch, which always has a way of slipping out of my grip.

Today we want to know what you think. Would you prefer an iPhone with an aluminum back or are you a fan of the glass currently seen on the iPhone 4? Vote in the poll on the right and tell us why in the comments below!

Earlier this week Apple debuted the iPad 2 (check out our coverage here), and it’s a beauty. Two cameras, a dual core A5 chip (translation: much faster) and a slimmer, lighter design all make this one hard to resist product! Not to mention that amazing Smart Cover.

However, critics can still point to a few potential disappointments. No Thunderbolt support, retina display or an SD card slot. Further, several techies, like the folks over at Gizmodo, aren’t that impressed by the new specs in comparison to other tablet products like the Motorola Xoom.

So our question today is, what do you think? The single best way to state your opinion of the new iPad is with your wallet so we want to know whether or not it’s good enough for you to drop five hundred bucks on come March 11th. Vote in the poll to tell us whether or not you plan on getting one, then leave a comment below explaining your answer.

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