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Earlier this month we reviewed Color Schemer Touch, an awesome utility for creating beautiful color palettes using a number of professional tools and controls. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with the Color Schemer Touch developers to bring you five free copies of the app!


Color Schemer Touch

How To Enter

All you need to do to enter is follow @iphoneappstorm on Twitter and leave a comment below listing your favorite feature from Color Schemer Touch.

We’ll select the five winning comments at random in one week, on Monday, January 24th. Good luck!

Even though the torture of several years of Verizon iPhone rumors is now thankfully over, there has still been plenty of discovery and speculation floating around on the web the past few days regarding iOS 4.3 and the upcoming iPad 2.

Buckle your seatbelt, it looks like the wizards of Infinite Loop have another great round of tricks up their sleeve to change everything once again.


The iPad 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited Apple announcements coming up this year. Most predictions place its arrival sometime in the next few months. If you’re like me, you already own a first generation iPad and will soon be faced with a very big decision of whether or not to upgrade.

I’m considering selling my iPad on Ebay when the 2nd generation model comes out to help cover the cost of the new one, which will inevitably contain multiple features that I simply can’t live without despite being perfectly happy before I knew they existed. I’m sure several of you will either follow suit or be perfectly happy to own both models!

Many discerning customers however have been patient and chose to wait for the second model before purchasing their first iPad, others are completely apathetic about the device and make no plans to purchase. Today, we want to know where you fall. Do you own an iPad yet? Regardless of the answer to that question, will you be purchasing an iPad 2?

Once you cast your vote on the right, leave a comment below and let us know your logic. If you’re waiting for the second version, tell us why you passed on the first. If you’re not interested, leave a comment about why the iPad just isn’t for you.

We all have a favourite News source. One that appeals to our political sensibilities, our sense of what is important, or simply our desire for readability. The most discerning of us probably check at least one more source (even if it is The Onion) and this can be a pain, requiring you to open a variety of Apps or, heaven forbid, a site on mobile safari…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an App that could amalgamate all your favourite News sources and present them to you in a supremely accessible form? ‘Yes’, I hear you say, ‘but it would have to be brilliant for me to actually change the way I get my news…’

I’ve got an App you might like. It’s called Pulse News Mini.


We’ve heard the rumors for years and have been let down countless times. Many of us dared to hope that this latest round was true while others had long ago sworn off hope that it would ever happen. Today, the rumors will be permanently laid to rest because it has finally happened: AT&T has lost its long-held exclusive grip on the iPhone in the United States.

Verizon Wireless announced today that they will be releasing an iPhone. When will it be available? Is it somehow different that the AT&T version? Find these answers and more after the jump.


With the release of the iPhone 4 and its fantastic two-camera setup, Apple unveiled a new video-conferencing technology called FaceTime. The futuristic dream of talking face to face with someone anytime, anywhere from a handheld device had seemingly become a reality.

Unfortunately, the “anywhere” aspect was in reality quite limited due to the fact you’re required to use FaceTime over Wifi. This limitation has no doubt decreased the usefulness of the technology, maybe even to the point of uselessness for some users.

We want to know what you think. Cast your vote on the right and tell us how often you use FaceTime, whether it be from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Mac or heck even Mac to Mac. Is this great new feature more of a novelty or is it an important aspect of your daily communication?

After you vote, leave a comment below and let us know if your usage would change should the Wifi-only restriction be lifted. If you could really use FaceTime anywhere, anytime, would you? Or is video calling still too awkward? Let us know!

Up until recently, locating your lost iOS device was a feature only paid MobileMe subscribers enjoyed. However, with the most recent software update Apple decided to toss in this service free of charge for all devices (how very un-Apple!).

This process is pretty straightforward and is even laid out pretty well on Apple’s site, but for all those who missed it or have been avoiding the task, you’ll want to check out this quick tutorial. The entire setup only takes a few minutes and you’ll definitely be glad you did it!


We’d like to say a big thank you to this month’s iPhone.AppStorm sponsors, and the great software they create! If you’re interested in advertising, you can order a slot through BuySellAds.

You could also consider a Quick Look submission, an easy way to showcase your app to all our readers.

Billings Touch – Billings’ simple workflow and intuitive interface makes quoting, invoicing, and time tracking effortless.

Cretouch – Dress your device with Creative Touch, a series of delightfully designed iPhone cases and protective covers in a wide range of styles.

Remote Tiger – Mobilize your idea with Remote Tiger. Our mobile architects are industry veterans with extensive knowledge across technologies and industry domains. Tell us where you want to go, and we will tell you how to get there most efficiently.

pTracker, LLC – Powerful, Portable, Personal News Discovery Tools for Mobile Professionals.

Ideas to Apps – A complete step-by-step guide on how to create a killer design and outsource the development at a price you can afford.

FormEntry – Create native form based apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. No coding required.

Haypi kingdom – Haypi Kingdom is a massive multiplayer online iPhone game set in the middle ages. You will be a general managing a kingdom in a strategic game – boosting resource production, adventuring in extensive wild land, reaping legendary treasures, equipping your troops with advanced abilities and battling against other players – with the ultimate goal of becoming the strongest kingdom in the ancient world.

SpeedTask – SpeedTask is a smart To-Do App for your iPhone and iPod touch. It comes with a beautiful interface that is easy to use and which lets you manage your daily tasks in seconds.

iPhone 4 and – The best collection of iPhone 4 cases, full body protection and skin protectors.

You-Wish for iPhone – You-Wish is an application for managing your wish list from your iPhone. You can add and sync your wishes including photos to a wish list online, which you can share with your friends and family.

Abuzz – Track Online Buzz to Protect your Business, Reputation, Brand & Image by Monitoring Social Media Sites through out the Internet.

KitchenPad Timer – KitchenPad Timer is a simple but elegant application that can be used to manage multiple timers for both your stove-top and oven. Includes 4 stove-top timers and 4 oven timers. The convenient timer displays give you all the critical timer info at-a-glance.

Talking Pals-Daisy the Cow – MOOO .. Cows rarely open their mouth but Daisy is a non-stop talking cow that resides in your iPhone. Daisy responds to your voice and gestures; Talk to her and she will repeat whatever you say, poke her on her ears & foot she will be surprised but don’t overdo it or she will become real angry and finally, you can tickle her to make her laugh.

Localscope – Localscope is your social data powered GPS tool. Always know where you are and what’s around you with Localscope! Search & discover places around you with information from multiple geo search engines & social networks: Google, Bing, Foursquare, Twitter, Wikimapia.

Would You Me? – Would You Me? is a FREE social networking app that allows you to meet people, advertise, sell your items and get public opinion and feedback.

Apple has been shipping earbuds with products ever since the first iPod. They’ve gone through years of improvements and design changes and reportedly tested thousands of ears to end up where they are today with the current models.

The question we want to know today is “Has all this research paid off?” Though many people are more than happy to use their Apple-provided earbuds every single day, some audiophiles look down on them as crude contraptions that provide pure ear torture.

Leave your vote in the poll on the right to let us know which products you use regularly to pump music into your brain from your iPhone or iPod. If you don’t use the Apple headphones, leave a comment below and tell us the specific model you do use. Also, tell us how you rate the default Apple earbuds in terms of both audio quality and comfort.

No matter how much money you make, it’s always great when you feel like you’re getting a good deal! Money saving vouchers and the like have been around for years, but keeping track of them and (more importantly) finding your way round to actually using them can take most if not all of the enjoyment out of saving money.

What if there was a single place for vouchers, somewhere that you could store them and that made it simple to use them on the go? Maybe it could even suggest new vouchers based on your usage – actually that would probably make a great iPhone app!?

Introducing Vouchercloud, an app that does just that.
Note: this one is for the UK, for now. Hopefully we’ll see a U.S. version one day!

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