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Winners Announced

Congratulations to our five lucky winners. Your promo codes will be sent shortly!

  1. Joachim Molund: @jmolund
  2. Amer Fatani: @amergo
  3. Rodrigo Seclen: @rodrigoseclen
  4. Big Turbo: @t87
  5. Kevin Castillo: @kcsft

We reviewed the excellent Droplr for iPhone earlier this week, and found it to be an awesome extension of the popular desktop application and web service. With Droplr for iPhone you can easily share text, images and more via Twitter and all your other favorite social networks.


Droplr for iPhone

How To Enter

I’m pleased to announce that we have a whopping five copies to give away to a few lucky readers. All you need to do to enter is follow @iphoneappstorm on Twitter and leave a comment below with your screen name.

We’ll select the five winning comments at random in one week, on Thursday, October 28th. Good luck!

When the iPhone was first released, Steve and the gang were pretty adamant about how direct interaction with the screen through your fingers provided a much better experience than other touchscreen devices that required a stylus.

However, despite Apple’s claims that you don’t need one, manufacturers quickly started churning out iPhone compatible styluses that are now of course compatible with Apple’s newest toy: the iPad. Today we’ll answer your questions about whether or not you need a stylus for your iPad or iPhone, how well they work, and which iOS device is really best suited for using a stylus in certain situations. We’ll start off by taking a look at a few of the stylus options available to see how they compare in design and price.


Yahoo Entertainment is a beautiful way to get your daily dose of Yahoo News. A major improvement to the browser experience, this app contains several sections, each with its own unique experience.

Some might see it as a random collection of interface clichés, but I couldn’t help but find it to be an attractive and enjoyable way to enjoy my new iPad. Read on to see what the app has to offer.


Have you seen the new PayPal app? It comes with an awesome new feature that allows you to deposit checks.

Today we’ll go over how the new feature works along with whether or not users are using the new feature and finish off with a discussion of whether or not the feature should even exist.


In this week’s poll question, we want to know if you’ve ever jailbroken your iOS device.

Jailbreaking is a popular method of adding more functionality to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by hacking the system to allow some functionality that Apple doesn’t offer out of the box (it’s perfectly legal but Mr. Jobs sure isn’t happy about it).

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of jailbreaking, what method you use and whether or not you’ll keep jailbreaking your devices in the years to come.

This year AppStorm is taking part in Blog Action Day to raise awareness about clean water and water conservation.

We’re going to look at a few things iPhone owners can do to help the water movement. Not only will you be contributing to an awesome cause, you’ll also get a few benefits out of the deal such as a cool new product or some nice savings on your water bill. Read on to see how you can help!


The AppleTV has been called Apple’s little project, but this year they decided to step things up and introduce a pretty cool little box. It streams Netflix, runs HD, and is smaller than an iPad.

Still, it seems like something is missing; Apple could do more with the concept, and really give it that Cupertino shine. In fact, Apple should just go ahead and build a real Apple Television.


Survey Now Closed!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey! We’ve started the process of going through all the responses, and will let you know how it goes.

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve picked the winner of the contest, and he/she has been contacted via email!

Previous Announcement

Over the past couple of years, AppStorm has grown from one small blog to a network of three sites (with some exciting new projects in the pipeline!). Today we’re asking for three minutes of your time to help us make AppStorm better than ever.

We’d absolutely love to hear your opinion, and will be awarding one random entrant a $100 gift voucher for either Amazon or iTunes – your call!

Take the 3-Minute Survey!

Competition Rules

  • People who submit more than once will be disqualified.
  • The winner will be picked randomly and contacted by email.
  • Entries must be in before Midnight GMT on the 18th October

I’m incredibly excited to let you know that the first ever AppStorm book (in conjunction with Rockable Press) is now available to buy for just $19. iPhone Entrepreneur brings together insight and ideas from experienced iPhone developers and users to help you understand how to approach the development of your own app.

Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting to think about creating an iPhone app, this book will help you make your next release a real success. Read on to find out more, read a few testimonials, and grab a discount!


In the past few years Apple’s core strategy and media coverage seem to have taken a shift from desktop computers and software suites like iLife towards the newer and more exciting field of touch-screen computing.

The iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad together are a perfect picture of how much time, money and effort Apple is sinking into their new favorite technology. Since the day Apple released the iPhone, we all started dreaming about multi-touch in a place Apple hasn’t yet delivered: on our Macs.


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