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Ever since rumors surfaced claiming that Apple was working on a tablet, we knew the coming of such a device would launch a new product war. Despite the looming certainty that copycats would arise, in the months following the launch of the iPad, the tablet market has remained fairly lackluster regarding viable alternatives.

However, with a few recent and quite impressive entrants, the tablet war is finally upon us.
Today we’ll look at the new BlackBerry PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, both of which pack a feature set to rival (and top in many cases) Apple’s iconic device.

Will Apple dominate this market as they’ve done with the iPod (what’s a Zune?), or will these shiny new competitors deal a decisive blow to the iPad’s reign? You be the judge.


In this week’s poll question, we want to know how often you use Apple’s new social network now that you’ve had a while to play with it.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think of Ping. Has Apple created a great way to find new music or did they simply add a useless social aspect to iTunes? How could it be better?

Be sure to check out our thoughts in our recent article, iTunes Ping: Social Music Revolution or Complete Flop? where we take a look how Ping works, what Apple did right, and where they missed the mark.

Happy Friday, everyone! Here comes another roundup of our favourite app store games from this week, including some you won’t believe are free. You’ve got a great weekend to look forward to, so let’s get to the toys.

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Apple just took the number two spot on the S&P 500 in terms of market cap, which is a strong indicator that it’s among the most valuable companies on the planet. An interesting feat for a company that many predicted wouldn’t make it through the 90s.

Today I’ll take a look back at Apple’s long and rocky road to the top through the eyes of a self-proclaimed Apple nerd.


Announcement time! I’m incredibly excited to let you know that the first ever AppStorm book (in conjunction with Rockable Press) is coming soon!

If you’ve ever thought about developing an iPhone app (or even if you already have), this book will be a fascinating read. It will provide you with all the knowledge and technique you need to spot a great opportunity, get the most from the App Store, make smart decisions about development, craft a stunning interface, and promote your app successfully.

I’ve conducted a series of interviews with some phenomenally successful iPhone developers that have kindly shared their expertise, and also completed a fascinating survey of over 1,000 iPhone users and developers.

Read on to find out more, and discover how you can sign up in advance for a voucher that will give you 25% off the purchase price when it goes on sale!


When Apple first introduced the iAd program this past summer, it was greeted with a rousing “meh” from the crowd. Advertising isn’t an exciting medium to many people, but it does serve a purpose — one that Google has used to its advantage to build an empire. But now that Apple is in the ad game, is it a winning formula, or just a necessary evil?


In this week’s poll question, we want to know how many apps you have installed on your iOS device!

Leave a comment below and tell us whether you like to cram your device to the brink or keep the offering slim. I currently have 73 and would have a lot more if I weren’t about out of storage!

Don’t go counting your apps one by one to answer! Instead, tap on Settings and go to General and About. The number next to the Applications heading should tell you how many are installed on your device.

The iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007 to an AT&T (Cingular) only client base. Many early adopters dropped their old carriers without a second thought because their thirst for this obvious game-changer was so great.

The rest of the would-be iPhone owners declared that they would simply wait for the phone to end up on their carrier. Just about every “insider” theory and rumor at the time pointed with near certainty towards a 2-year AT&T exclusivity agreement. After these two years, they told us, the iPhone will immediately hit Verizon followed by every other major carrier.


Ever since I saw a Dick Tracy comic for the first time as a kid I’ve been enamored by the idea of face to face conversations that defy the barrier of distance. Dick’s watch was an amazing feat in communication that allowed him to see and converse with his trusty sidekick from anywhere (for you fans out there, it started as a radio watch but eventually was upgraded to a two-way TV watch).

Other reputable sources such as the Jetson’s spurred on my childhood notion that in the future phone conversations would not be confined to mere audio.


In this week’s poll question, we want to know how well you guard your precious iOS device. Have you ever dropped it? If so how often?

Leave a comment below and tell us about when you dropped your iPhone and if it did any damage. Did the phone still work? Did the screen crack? Were there any noticeable scratches or dings?

As for me, I’ve never dropped an iPhone but I did drop my first generation iPod Touch into the pool one time! I thought for sure it would be dead forever but my crafty wife placed it in a bag of rice for 48 hours to dry it out and it has worked ever since. The audio now only works through the headphones but everything else is just fine!

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