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Boys’ night in — it’s about getting together with your friends for a little fun, food and drink. Are you thinking of hosting the next boys’ night in, but need a little inspiration? Maybe your friends are tired of the same old, same old every Friday night? It’s time to shake things up with a little help from your iPhone.

Fall and winter are the best times of year for boys’ nights in, so turn on the big game, dust off the poker table and stock up the bar. I’ve selected 4 great iPhone apps to make your next manly gathering the best ever. Themed parties are a great way to make a night in more fun and these apps have enough material to inspire a whole year’s worth of boys’ nights in.

Bond with your friends as you learn to make your own bacon, stock the bar and see who’s the cocktail master and compare knife skills Top Chef style with a chili club. This time of year craft breweries release their seasonal beers, so why not have your friends over for a beer tasting?

Keep reading to find 4 essential apps for entertaining your friends at home.


If you’re a foodie then you’ve probably got Istanbul on your radar. Blogs like Istanbul Eats and Parla Food have drawn worldwide attention to Istanbul’s food scene. This ancient city has all the ingredients for inspiring cuisine: street food, access to fresh seafood, fine dining, respect for time honored cooking traditions, popularity of artisanal goods (spices, olives, charcuterie) plus a mix of cultures (the city straddles the Bosporus, with one foot in Asian and the other in Europe). The food markets are intense, with powerful aromas of spices and mesmerizing hues of exotic produce. Istanbul is vast, densely populated and confusing to navigate (better to go by landmarks than an address). You’re gonna need a guide, someone to help you avoid tourist traps and experience the real Istanbul—enter Katie Parla’s Istanbul.

The follow up app to Katie Parla’s Rome offers Katie’s tips for the best meze, seafood, flatbread, kebab, street food and fine dining to be found in the fabric of Middle Eastern and European cultures of Istanbul. The app also helps travelers get around, plan based on location and search for food experiences based on budget, distance or type of food. Keep reading to learn how Katie Parla can help you eat your way through Istanbul. (more…)

There are a lot of daily deals subscription sites (more than I know I can manage), and keeping up with all of those coupons hitting your inbox can leave you feeling pressured to scoop up that bargain even if you’re not sure when, or really if, you’re going to use it. You probably know if you’re getting a haircut or going on vacation in a few weeks, so buying those sorts of deals in advance may seem like an easier commitment to make.

But what are you and your friends going to feel like eating after the movie on Friday and where are you going to want to have brunch on Sunday morning? You haven’t locked those choices in when you buy that Groupon on Monday; these are decisions you’re going to make on the fly, and BiteHunter is there to the rescue. You don’t know you’ll want gyros Saturday afternoon or even where to look for a deal at a Greek restaurant, but BiteHunter does and puts all that and pizza, sushi, and more on your phone. (more…)

How often do you find yourself looking for the next best place to eat? There are so many options these days, and you never know where to go for the best reviews. Yelp has proven to be very trustworthy with a lot of nifty features, and it also holds a large share of users in their community — but what about something new?

Nosh is the perfect mobile network for all foodies and app enthusiasts. It’s a great way to share your experience with eating out at nearly any restaurant, and is practically the best mobile app for reviewing foods and the overall dining experience. For more info, hit the jump.


We’ve all re-visited a restaurant and after bit of menu wandering just cannot remember the amazing dish we had when we were here two months ago. It was the best thing you’d ever had and you told yourself you wouldn’t forget, but you did. Or maybe you’re trying to recreate that fantastic dinner you cooked up a few weeks ago, but you can’t remember exactly what you included in that salad. You knew you’d remember because it was so good, but guess what? You forgot.

Memorable Meals gives you a crutch in scenarios like these and some others as well. It allows you to quickly and easily catalog meals and their details to help you remember them. Seems like a killer idea, but how does it work?


Once upon a time, when people were hungry and in a hurry they had to either run through a fast-food drive-through or actually go through the trouble to make a phone call and talk with a human being to place an order to be picked up or delivered. Such archaic practices are giving way to online ordering, a much more cold and impersonal way to order your food.

All sarcasm aside, I actually love ordering food online. You skip the line, there’s much less chance of a failure in communication (which leads to improper orders), and you can take as much time as you want to look through the various options that are available without eating up anyone’s time but your own.

The restaurant industry has had large-scale ordering websites in place for years now, but we’re only just now starting to see the tip of this iceberg appear in the mobile app world. Today we’ll take a brief look at the state of ordering food using only iPhone apps.

When the App Store first debuted, some of the first apps to make an appearance were those that save you from that one tiny bit of daily math you’re forced to endure: tipping. For whatever reason, developers have since remained enamored with these apps and continue to fill the App Store with them.

Today we’ll set out in search of the best free tip calculator on the market. There are tons to choose from, most of which are horrid, so this will definitely not be an easy task! We’ll start off by looking at a paid app to establish a good feel for what we want, then we’ll look at two free options, each with completely different strengths and weaknesses so you can choose one based on your particular standards.


Keeping yourself and your family healthy is no small task. Fortunately, learning about proper nutrition and how to live an active lifestyle doesn’t require a medical degree, just an iPhone!

Today we’ll look at a few apps that can help you get the whole family into practicing healthier habits. Best of all, the apps below are all completely free so you don’t have to choose between saving money and learning to take better care of yourself.


After deciding to eat out, I often find myself asking the questions “where should I eat?” or “is that restaurant any good?” Sure, you can do it the old fashioned way and ask around, or run a web search, but what if there was a better way?

Urbanspoon, a free, user friendly, iPhone application is here to solve your dining dilemma. We’ll be taking a look at how easy it is to find a new restaurant, narrow down your search, and even look around using food-finding augmented reality.