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Your dreams of being a DJ are about to come true. Algoriddim, the developers of djay for Mac, have just released their newest app, djay for iPad. It’s truly an amazing and noteworthy app for all music lovers and those with ambitions of being a DJ.

It’s the easiest way to scratch records, remix your favorite songs, and be the DJ you’ve always wanted to be. It brings you some of the same professional tools and technologies as djay for Mac, but on your mobile device.


Earlier this week we posted a roundup of 25 Seriously Addictive Sudoku Apps. However, many of us jumped on the Sudoku bandwagon ages ago and are becoming bored with the concept. So what’s the next big puzzle craze that will have us all entranced?

One strong contender in this category is Nonograms, a challenging, brain twisting puzzle game perfect for anyone who enjoys Sudoku, crosswords or any other pen and paper puzzles. Unfortunately, Nonograms can be a bit tricky to pick up and may have a slightly higher learning curve than other games of its kind. Today we’ll help get you started in your new addiction by walking you through solving your first puzzle and pointing out some great apps to download and give the game a shot.


Want to book a stay at an amazing destination directly from your iPhone? The Airbnb app brings thousands of rental properties around the world to your mobile device, so let’s look at how you can use it to find a great place to stay or rent out your home directly from the app.

Airbnb is an increasingly popular service to cheaply rent places to stay in prime locations around the world. You can find a place to rent or list your home for rent from their website, but they’ve recently released a beautiful iOS app to let you browse and list locations right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. This is a great way to book somewhere to stay no matter where you are.


As the end of 2010 draws nearer, it’s just about time to begin the ever-important holiday shopping ritual. This year, before you venture out into the cold to fight endless crowds and endure ridiculously long lines, why not try out some window shopping from the comfort of your couch?

Windowshop for iPad is a free app that gives you the entire Amazon experience in a custom format that was designed from the ground up for the iPad. Keep reading to see if it’s good enough to bring some sanity to your hectic holiday season.


If you’ve ever longed for a more technological solution to the frustration of sending postcards when travelling abroad, I’d like to introduce you to Postage, a $4.99 app that makes this process enjoyable, beautiful, and far less expensive (probably!)

Postage for the iPhone allows you to easily create beautiful electronic postcards from your photos and share them with your friends and family. Let’s take a look at how it works, and whether it’s worth taking away with you next time you go on vacation!


Today’s app is Corkbin, a way for wine beginners and aficionados alike to share their experiences and opinions of the wines they consume.

Corkbin is a dead simple app so we’ll take a minute to walk through all of it’s features and then discuss our overall impression of the app.


Once upon a time, if you or your teenage progeny decided that a driver’s license or learner’s permit was a desirable object to have, you would take a trip to the DMV to pickup your free copy of the official driver’s manual of your state. You would then pretend to read this book long enough to convince those around you that you were indeed ready to pass the test and proceed to take the exam however many times it took you to answer just enough questions right to earn a passing grade.

These days studying for the written driver’s test is of course a more technological exercise. All you need is an iPhone and a free afternoon and you’ll be ready to ace that test in no time. Below we’ll take a brief look at four apps that will help get you on your way to asking dad if you can borrow the car next weekend.


Last week Apple released a new way to shop the Apple store: via iOS. Now you can purchase any Apple product you want just as easily as you would download an app. Great for you, bad for your bank account.

It’s definitely a great app, but just in case you’re wondering whether or not you really need to have the Apple store taking up space on your iPhone, we’ll walk you through the basic functionality and interface.


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