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This article reviews Dragon Dictation, a speech recognition and text conversion app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With Dragon Dictation, users can supplement the standard on-screen keyboard found on iOS devices with natural language, spoken word input.

The Smartphone war between Research In Motion’s Blackberry devices and Apple’s iPhone center around the keyboard. Long before the iPhone was released, RIM paired their large screen all-in-one mobile phone and email devices with sturdy, easy to use physical keyboards. The iPhone was designed with media and simplicity in mind so Apple opted for a virtual, on-screen keyboard. Both physical keyboards and virtual keyboards have drawbacks and as any Star Trek fan will tell you, voice input is the way of the future. Created by text-to-speech software creator Nuance, Dragon Dictation hopes to become the bridge between flawed mobile keyboards by evolving the way that people input text on their iOS devices.

Read on to find out if Dragon Dictation can improve the way that you enter text on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. (more…)

Not everyone of us is an artist with the skill to create amazing graphical art. Still, we’d like to be able to create a nice poster or card once in a while for our club, a party or a music event – without having to read a book about design first. Luckily for us iPhone and iPad owners, Phoster can help out. Read on to learn how to create stunningly stylish posters within minutes that will let you and your cause shine.


Want to book a stay at an amazing destination directly from your iPhone? The Airbnb app brings thousands of rental properties around the world to your mobile device, so let’s look at how you can use it to find a great place to stay or rent out your home directly from the app.

Airbnb is an increasingly popular service to cheaply rent places to stay in prime locations around the world. You can find a place to rent or list your home for rent from their website, but they’ve recently released a beautiful iOS app to let you browse and list locations right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. This is a great way to book somewhere to stay no matter where you are.


As the end of 2010 draws nearer, it’s just about time to begin the ever-important holiday shopping ritual. This year, before you venture out into the cold to fight endless crowds and endure ridiculously long lines, why not try out some window shopping from the comfort of your couch?

Windowshop for iPad is a free app that gives you the entire Amazon experience in a custom format that was designed from the ground up for the iPad. Keep reading to see if it’s good enough to bring some sanity to your hectic holiday season.


Have you ever wanted to format your iPhone email messages? Today we’re going to look at a popular new app, MarkdownMail, which makes it incredibly easy to create HTML formatted emails with the simplicity of Markdown markup.

The default iOS Mail app works great for most emailing purposes, but if you want to format your text or include lists, links, and more, you’ll need a more advanced app. MarkdownMail fills in this gap by letting you quickly create HTML formatted messages using simple Markdown formatting. No matter what email client your receiver is using, including the iOS Mail app, your message will be formatted just like you intended. Let’s take a look at this app and see if it will make emailing from your iOS device better for you.


CSS3 Machine is an awesome new way to create beautiful, cross-browser CSS3 styles on your iPad using visual controls instead of hard-coding.

The workflow for the app can be a little tricky to figure out so today we’ll walk you through a typical project so you can decide if it’s something you could use in your own web building ventures.


How would you like to use your iPad as a second (or third) display for your Mac? Now, how would you like to get a glimpse into what it would be like to experience OS X apps on a touchscreen? Finally, what would you say to using your iPad to draw in Photoshop and Illustrator just like a Wacom Cintiq?

If you answered “heck yes!” to any of these questions, read on to see how to make this dream a reality using only a single app!


Have you ever been sitting in a bar (or standing in a lift) and heard a song you think is just great? You ask your friends what it is and they shake their heads. So you try in desperation to remember just a smattering of the lyrics…

Well struggle no more! The iPhone has a multitude of Apps that are crying out to help you and I’m going to look at three of the best contenders.


The thing I’ve noticed about having iOS devices is that I’m always looking for ways to consolidate my life; when there’s an app that does the same thing as one of my tools, I’m eager to try it and see if it can simplify my life. That’s why Andrew (of Classics fame) and Alexa Kaz created Ruler.

To learn how fun it is to use Ruler to measure things from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, keep reading after the fold.


There is an almost indefinite number of task & time management apps out there. Some are very similar in their approach, but there is the occasional app that stands out from it’s competitors by offering a twist to the way it handles or displays tasks and events. Pocket Informant for iPad is such an app.

While with almost all other apps in the productivity category you have to choose between task and time management, Pocket Informant takes an integrated approach. Read on to find out how well it works out in every day life.

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