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Among the (many) announcements at Apple’s October 2013 event was the updating of iWork for iOS, now free for any existing users and those who purchase a new iOS device. One of the last bastilles of leather and wood effects, iWork was completely revamped and brought in line with iOS 7.

For PowerPoint refugees and anyone wanting to easily create slick presentations that are gorgeous to watch, as well as build, Keynote is a great example of how Apple can really push the boundaries of what is possible with iOS.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting myTexts touch. The developer describes myTexts touch as the iPad buddy of my successful myTexts for Mac OS X. myTexts focuses on writers of all kinds, who want to concentrate on their writing rather than struggle with overloaded and complex software. It’s all about text – about every single word – not formatting, or other unnecessary bells and whistles.

Read on for more information and screenshots!