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Sara Moulton is a mainstay of food television. After years on the Food Network, she can now be seen on Public Television continuing to do what she does best: teach the craft of preparing a meal to home cooks. Sara has the training of a professional restaurant chef, and she uses this strong knowledge base to help home cooks prepare delicious meals for their families every day. With the Sara at your side there’s no need to feel intimidated by ingredients like duck, seafood or unfamiliar produce. Sara’s Kitchen provides simple recipes and instructional videos to guide you.

If you’re interested in transforming everyday meals from boring to gourmet, keep reading. (more…)

Chef and best-selling cookbook author, Yotam Ottolenghi is famous for bringing together Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, creating vibrant, colorful recipes that are modern and fresh. It all started with his wildly popular eponymous London food shops and expanded to a weekly column in The Guardian, a TV show and cookbooks like Plenty and Jerusalem. If you’re into food, you need to know about this chef.

Ottolenghi’s cuisine crosses borders and breaks down barriers. When his book was published in the U.S., the combination of sumptuous food photography, exotic seasonings and farm fresh produce fit in with the farm to table movement, becoming an instant hit. No wonder Ottolenghi Recipes was named the No. 1 Food & Drink App in the United Kingdom — like everything Ottolenghi, it’s modern, fresh and original. The creators put a lot of effort into developing an app that’s beautifully designed and highly functional. Ottolenghi Recipes stands head and shoulders above the rest in this respect.

If you’re interested in expanding your palate with a collection of flavorful recipes influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, keep reading. (more…)

Are you a Giada de Laurentiis fan? I remember watching her in the early days of Food Network on her Emmy award winning show, Everyday Italian. She’s just as likeable today as she was then. Giada isn’t just a Food Network celebrity; she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, owned her own catering company and has proven to be an entrepreneur with seemingly endless amounts of enthusiasm and energy. Several years and one child later she’s still going strong, making regular appearances on The Today Show, writing cookbooks and starring in another popular series, Giada at Home.

If you’re a Giada fan then you’ve got to check out the free Giada app featuring recipes from her latest cookbook, “Weeknights with Giada.” The theme is “Quick and simple recipes to revamp dinner.” Many moms out there may find it a comfort that even a famous chef meets challenges when it comes to getting dinner on the table every weeknight after work. Giada is here for you, with plenty of useful tips and encouragement in video “bites” throughout the app. Looking to revitalize your weeknight suppers? Keep reading to learn how Giada can help. (more…)

I love baking bread — the feel of kneading silky dough, the magic of watching it rise and the smell of it baking in a hot oven. If you love baking bread too, or if you’ve always wanted to learn, you’ve got to check out the Bread Baking Basics app by Michael Ruhlman. This clever app gives an overview of Bread Baking Basics and then lets you create custom recipes with the flours you’ve got on hand using ratios. Ruhlman, a writer, cook and renowned food authority, has co-authored cookbooks with famous chefs, including Thomas Keller and Eric Ripert. The man knows his stuff and his writing style keeps the process simple and approachable for novice bakers. If you’ve got experience with the peel, you’ll appreciate this handy app that enables you to be less reliant on recipes and more focused on technique.

Interested in getting your hands in some dough? Keep reading … (more…)

Cooking three meals a day every day can become monotonous, especially if you’re juggling kids and work. It’s easy to get in a rut where you’re making the same meals over and over again. If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration but need meals to be quick and simple, check out Martha’s Everyday Food. A branch of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Everyday Food is famous for pairing the aesthetic of Martha Stewart Living with practical recipes any home cook can execute, no matter how busy life is.

Keep reading to learn more about a recipe app that’s guaranteed to shake up your cooking routine. (more…)

This week, we’re introducing a new feature: Foodie Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, tune in to read the latest food related app review, whether it’s about great BBQ or just the best drink app around. Eat up! -ed.

My latest pick for foodies is Rick Bayless: Mexican Essentials. If you’re a fan of authentic Mexican food then you need to check this one out. Rick Bayless is famous for his Chicago restaurant, Frontera Grill, and his passion for Mexican cuisine. This celebrity chef has written multiple cookbooks and starred in long running PBS series teaching home cooks about authentic Mexican cooking. He is an expert on the subject, and now you can take his expertise on the go in a mobile app.

Rick Bayless: Mexican Essentials includes 35 foundational Mexican recipes and photos, 40 videos in which the chef shares techniques and a virtual pantry to get you comfortable with Mexican ingredients. As with all the Chronicle Books apps, you’re getting a lot of valuable content for the price. If you’re interested in cooking true Mexican food at home, keep reading. (more…)

If you think healthy food is bland and boring, the Green Kitchen app is here to change your perception. This collection of vegetarian recipes from the Scandinavian kitchen of David and Luise (and adorable young daughter Elsa) focuses on vibrant fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and unrefined sugars. Not only are the recipes delicious, but also the photos are stunning and the app functions beautifully with a sleek and modern design. Bon Appétit magazine agrees, saying Green Kitchen is “proving that even wholesome recipes can make for tantalizing food porn.”

Inspired by their popular food blog, Green Kitchen Stories, the creators offer a collection of 78 fresh and healthy recipes, each including mouthwatering photos. Each recipe is labeled Raw, Gluten Free, Vegan, Whole Grain or Sugar Free. No matter what your lifestyle is, you’ll be inspired to get in the kitchen and cook with nature’s bounty (even carnivores like me). Read on to see more of this inspiring cooking app. (more…)

As someone who’s passionate about cooking and traveling the world through cookbooks, I buy groceries from many different sources. Some days I take a break from the supermarket and pay a visit to my local butcher shop. On Saturdays the farmers market sparks my creativity with its bountiful heirloom fruits and vegetables. When I’m feeling adventurous, the local Asian Market awaits with exotic produce and a world of unfamiliar ingredients. But it can be overwhelming finding ingredients for a recipe when the labels are printed in a foreign language. Asking for help in the Asian market results in friendly smiles and the realization that no one in the shop seems to speak English. Don’t despair — the Asian Market Shopper app by revered cooking expert and cookbook author Andrea Nguyen is here to help.

This pocket guide includes detailed photographs and audio pronunciations of 100 essential Asian ingredients accompanied by 25 staple recipes. Andrea’s cheerful, encouraging personality comes through in the instructional videos and her tips for shopping in Asian markets melt away any fears of the unfamiliar. Ingredients and recipes are depicted in mouth-watering photos in an app that’s useful and inspiring. If you love cooking Asian cuisine but fear the strange world of Asian markets, Andrea Nguyen is your new best friend. (more…)

Your friends are coming over for cocktails and trying to decide what to serve is completely overwhelming. After finally building up the nerve to try out that hip speakeasy, you don’t recognize half the jargon on the drinks menu. Margaritas every Friday night are getting boring, and you want to try something new. The iPhone app, Food & Wine Cocktails is just what you need to shake things up.

Food & Wine Magazine and Belvedere Vodka have come together to create a sleek, sexy cocktail app designed to inspire your creativity and refine your technique in the area of home bartending. This free app contains 350 drinks, along with 25 Bar Snacks from the pages of Food & Wine Magazine, tips on setting up your home bar, and a dictionary of spirits.

Keep reading to find out why Food & Wine Cocktails stands above the crowd of cocktail apps. (more…)

The holiday season is stressful for all involved, in more ways that one. There’s shopping, family get-togethers and all that cooking. No one understands this more than the family chef, the person responsible for pulling off a beautiful meal that everyone, with all their peculiarities of preference, will love. And it’s best, of course, if the whole undertaking appears effortless.

Recipe/social cookbook app Foodily can’t finish up your holiday shopping or get that one string of lights to stop blinking already, but it can lend a hand when it comes to putting together a piping hot feast. A powerful search, recipes with user comments and pictures, and lots of advice from celebrity chefs are all on the table with Foodily. (more…)

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