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Fromage, the French word for cheese, is an encyclopedic reference of cheeses from all over the world. Have you ever been befuddled by a restaurant cheese menu or stared blankly at the massive selection of foreign diary products in a cheese shop? The Fromage app may be a valuable resource. Use it to find substitutions when you’re stuck in a grocery store that doesn’t carry an obscure cheese on your list. Tap into the organizational features to keep track of cheeses in the Try, Buy or Favorites lists.

No need to wait for an Internet connection, simply search by cheese name or scroll through alphabetized categories: Region, Milk Type or Texture. Fast facts, photographs and historical descriptions of each cheese give you the information to make quick decisions in retail and restaurant situations. But don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself after the break.  (more…)

When I married a woman who is an incredible cook and loves to bake, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize is that also meant I was now obligated to watch hours of programming on the Food Network. In the last five years I’ve seen so much Paula Deen my arteries are clogged just from watching, and I’ve learned that you can make literally anything into a food competition with ingredients I’ve never even heard of (what exactly is “jaggery” anyway?).

Well, if you’re a foodie like my wife who loves watching the Food Network then you might interested in their new app, Food Network On the Road. The question now is does it live up to the promise of helping you find all the places where the stars eat when you’re on the road? Read on to find out. (more…)

Many people choose to head into the proverbial “Great Outdoors” and participate in the recreational activity that is camping. It can be a refreshing experience to enjoy nature outside of an urban setting, but it can also be an opportunity to cook up some great food.

Outdoor Eating comes from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It’s all about recipes for cooking outdoors, and provides a list of the ingredients needed plus the instructions to make it with ease. With Outdoor Eating, you can plan what you’re going to eat before you head out, guaranteeing you have the ingredients on hand. (more…)

Do you like tea? That’s kind of a vague question, I know, seeing as there’s such a variety of the drink out there. I personally am partial to the herbal infused types of tea with a smidgen of sugar — not too much since that can sometimes override the taste of the tea itself. There are lots of great ways to make a cup of tea, but what happens when you find that perfect formula? Do you store it in a little “tea book” or something?

If you have an iPhone, then I’m going to introduce a fun little app that will change the way you drink your tea — possibly for the better. It’s conveniently enough called Tea, and is developed by Sail LLC. This little app will give you a way to log your weekly — or daily — brewing and rate it so that you can later find what a perfect cup is for you. Keep reading for my full review. (more…)

The App Store is full of unique ideas which cover a whole lot more than mobile games. Angry Birds is always fun, but app developers are focused on building software that can help people in many different ways. And as some of us know already, coffee is a popular topic amongst the tech crowd.

Barista was created by Glasshouse Apps as a mobile guide. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy this handy pocket reference to brewing your own espresso right at home. If you’ve ever had an interest in brewing your own morning buzz, you’ve got to check out Barista. (more…)

How many times have you found yourself in the position in which you’re hungry, but you’re not sure where to go. Sure, you could hit up one of your go-to spots (that would Chipotle for me), but perhaps you want to do something a bit different. There are a handful of apps on the App Store that can help you in this scenario.

Arguably the most popular app to help find nearby eateries is Yelp, which does a great job of searching for restaurants and providing a list of user reviews. However, I’m often cautious about reviews of restaurants, unless I know the source of the review really well. Instead, I’m more more apt to trust a service that recommends something based on my personal tastes, which is exactly what Ness brings to the table.


Ever wonder where your city’s most revered chefs eat on their days off? What restaurant would they choose for a first date? Where is their favorite spot to grab late night grub? All of these questions were on the minds of the Chefs Feed team when they came up with the idea to get recommendations from people who actually know what they are talking about — the chefs themselves.

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Yes, I admit, I love my coffee. But even more so, I love my Starbucks. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not the type of person that needs to go and get a Starbucks coffee every day. Trust me, I would, if I could afford it. Regardless, I definitely love a good cup of  joe.

Call me a coffee snob, I don’t care. But, what I think I like just as much or even more, is the Starbucks mobile app for the iPhone. Have you checked this guy out yet? It’s loaded with tons of features and best of all, you can pay for your drink and meal with the app! Check it out after the break.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist that title. But if you can forgive me, then I think you might just enjoy this app. Cocktail apps are nothing new to iOS, and quite frankly, I thought I’d seen enough of them, until this one came along. As soon as I saw the screenshots and learned that the wonderfully talented Datz brothers were designing it, I knew it was going to be special. I was not disappointed.

Want to find out more about The Cocktail App? Hit the jump and let’s tear into it.


I’ve never been a huge Gowalla user, none of my friends use it (they’re more into Facebook Check-in) and it hasn’t really caught on in my city. Nonetheless, I like the idea of apps like Gowalla and FourSquare, which allow you to assert your fondness for locations and businesses simply by pressing a button. Though I’m not compelled to use Gowalla socially, I sometimes check for nearby spots when I’m in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, only to find a list of churches, bus stops and chain restaurants. The developers of Goodfoot attempt to harness the power of Gowalla and make it more useful to all types of iPhone users, even those that aren’t social network superstars.

Goodfoot lists local Spots in order of their “awesomeness”, a metric they’ve developed which ranks based on how often spots are re-visited by locals, and claims to be able to filter through the uninteresting spots that fill the Gowalla nearby list and show you where the locals actually hang out. So, is it successful? Can an algorithm separate the local hotspots from the tourist traps? Find out after the jump!

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