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Almost two months ago, we ran a review about Pocket Planes, the popular game where you play as an air traffic controller and coordinate planes across the world. I loved the review, so I picked up the game and played it. A lot. For a long time. And at one point, I realized that it was more about maintenance than fun, so I was confused. Turns out, that repetitive action in a video game has a name: Grinding.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a grinder, that’s for sure — but it is a lot of fun. Come on down and take a trip to Springfield with me, and let’s see what Homer and the gang are up to. (more…)

The fictional nation of Camatuga has been devastated by a huge earthquake leaving the town’s population stranded! Built upon five islands, the only way in or out is via the network of bridges that criss-cross the landscape, but all 30 have been completely destroyed. It is up to you to rebuild the transport infrastructure and get the nation back on track … No pressure! (more…)

Prior to everyone playing Call of Duty, and way before Halo was a household name, Activision reigned supreme in the first few generations of consoles with titles like Pitfall taking the lead. It’s been 30 years since we saw Pitfall, and even though there have been a few variations on the concept,  nothing has really stuck like the original.

But now, there’s Pitfall! for iOS. When I first discovered the game, I wondered if it was going to be a solid port of the original in all its low-tech glory, or another attempt to translate the game to a new format. Well, it’s a little of both. Let me explain after the jump.  (more…)

I was having lunch with a friend the other day, and somewhere around the time the check came she started making fun of my age. “Were you born in the ’70s, Kevin?” Why yes, I was. I owned an Atari 2600. I still own every console Nintendo has produced, including the original NES. I’m old school and proud. That’s why when I first discovered MANOS – The Hands of Fate I became a bit giddy. Here it was, a console game in the vein of the original NES, but on my iPad and iPhone. How much better could it get? Let’s find out after the jump.  (more…)

Summoner Wars is based on the popular card/board game of the same name by Plaid Hat Games. It makes its debut on iOS as the first free app from the developer Playdek, Inc., and takes you into the war-torn world of Itharia, as a Summoner of various factions that are battling over the Summoner Stones.

The game is one part deck building — like Magic the Gathering — and one part board game, perhaps with some loose similarities to chess. Decks are built, cards are drawn, armies are summoned and the enemy is faced creating interesting strategical and tactical situations. Use your Summoner Stone after the break. (more…)

I never got into the Draw Something craze. Something between a lack of skill and large fingers on a tiny screen meant that I was lucky if I won against a three-year-old. Fortunately, my dignity could be redeemed with the introduction of a new app, named Song Pop.

When Song Pop showed up in the App Store, I am pretty sure music lovers everywhere cheered with joy. Now they could show off not only their song knowledge but also their artist knowledge, in a five question multi-round music quiz where you are pitted against other music fans. A combination of fast answer times and correct answers in music genres including ’90’s Alternative and Modern Rap is what it takes to show you are the Song Pop queen or king. (more…)

Coincidentally being released soon after the Miami Heat won the NBA Playoffs, Asphalt 7: Heat is the latest addition to the Asphalt series. The previous instalment, Adrenaline, is a pretty hard act to follow, and with big names like Real Racing two on the rise, is this new release enough to make it in todays market?

The game involves fast-paced gameplay coupled with brilliant graphics that make this one hell of a ride. Whilst the core gameplay is much the same as it’s predecessor, Asphalt 7 has all the makings to be the top racing game for iOS. Let’s find out more after the jump.  (more…)

We all stumble upon YouTube videos different ways. Sometimes it’s a coworker at the office who passes around a clip, or maybe a friend says, “You’ve GOT to see this.” I don’t remember how I found out about the Epic Meal Time crew, but I did, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Now they have an app for the iPad and iPhone — the appropriately named Epic Meal Time — and it’s a doozy. Will their success on YouTube parlay into more Internet money made in the App Store? Put on your sunglasses and your Expos hat, because we’re going to find out.  (more…)

Ever felt like sitting down in front of your iPhone and eradicating human life using a rapidly evolving pathogen that can instigate global anarchy? It’s a need you don’t necessarily have until you sit down with this strangely addictive app.

Plague Inc. is a real-time strategic simulation of a disease progressively infecting and killing every sentient being on the planet. Sounds just like anybody’s cup of tea, I know. There’s something about having total control over a somewhat terrifyingly realistic situation where your actions can decide whether billions will live or die. If any of this is relatable, either consult your local psychiatrist, or read on. (more…)

Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man hit theaters in July, becoming the second movie this summer from the House of Ideas (the first being The Avengers). Whenever Spider-Man gets a flick, a game is guaranteed. In this case it’s the film’s eponymous release from Gameloft.

Peter Parker’s alter ego has been featured in video games since the 1970s. In the digital world, he’s probably faced his entire rogues gallery. He’s also been playable in every beat-‘em-up, fighting, role-playing and side-scrolling fashion imaginable. But The Amazing Spider-Man is where fans get the Spidey who does all of those ⎯ and has been missing from other adaptations. Let’s find out more after the jump. (more…)

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