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Almost a year and a half ago, in February of 2011, Andreas Illiger released what would become one of the most popular iPhone games on the app store: Tiny Wings. It seems like only yesterday that I was spending entire lunch breaks and bus rides with our locomotion-deficient avian friend, but after 18 months, I’m pleased to report that Tiny Wings 2.0 has finally arrived.

If you’re not already aware of Tiny Wings, the premise is that you play a relatively plump little bird who is ill-equipped to generate the lift necessary to fly on his own (read: tiny wings). However, his world is populated by a series of frictionless hills, and with your help he can gain speed and take to the skies using pure inertia.

Let’s dig into 2.0 and see what’s new, shall we? (more…)

Hunters 2 is a turn-based strategy game of sci-fi shoot outs in various locals, such as space stations, moon bases and alien worlds. Developed by Rodeo Games, it puts you in control of a squad of hunters, hiring out your skills, one contract at a time.

As the game progresses, each of your hunters gain experience to learn more skills, find loot to better equip themselves and earn the cash with which to purchase gear and new recruits. A menu of new missions is offered up each day, reflecting the mercenary’s changing way of life. Embrace your inner mercenary after the break. (more…)

We’re told that first impression always count, but if that were true I would never have played the beautiful OLO. When it was first featured as the App Store’s “Game of the Week,” I met the app with initial skepticism; the premise seemed too simplistic to be a long-lasting, entertaining game. But after being given the chance to review the app, my mind was swiftly changed. Let me tell you why.  (more…)

While I myself am guilty of never having seen The Naked Gun, it seems as if the consensus believe that the movie is amazing. Now, DNA Interactive has reincarnated the movie into a new game for iOS, named The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P., featuring the one and only Lieutenant Drebin. And trust me — you will not be disappointed. Learn more after the break. (more…)

We all love to give ourselves a good challenge now and again. There are thousands of games out there for the iPhone, however rarely do you find something as unique and rich in fun as Tap The Frog 2. With a whole host of mini-games, the fun doesn’t stop for hours with this amphibian-tapping wonder.

Tap the Frog 2 is a collection of mini-games that involves you manipulating frogs in many different fashions. Whether you want to feed the frog, pop the frog or drive the frog, this game never falls short of fun ways to do so. Get ready to hop your way into action! (more…)

The App Store is chock-full of driving and flying games of every kind. There are games in which you pilot a spaceship, or a Lamborghini, or an F-22 Raptor, and through every imaginable kind of terrain and situation. Despite all these different games, Jet Car Stunts manages to take the basic idea of a driving game and add an impressive new element that makes it radically unique.

As you could probably tell by the title, the added element is that your car has a powerful jet engine mounted on the back. But instead of just using the jet engine as an over complicated speed boost, it also functions to propel you forward when you’re airborne. And flying through the air at remarkable speeds is quite a big part of Jet Car Stunts. (more…)

The best arcade games aren’t just challenging or visually stimulating — they tell a story. Bumpy Road is an arcade game that harnesses the arcade game trifecta: It’s challenging; it’s (very) visually appealing; and it has a story element with charming characters.

In the game, you guide an older couple (the game creators describe the pair as “a couple in their autumn years”) as they take a drive, and it’s your job to safely maneuver them through each course, helping them to collect memoriesto tell the story of their past. Ready to turn back time? Click “more” to put the pedal to the metal. (more…)

One of the most prevalent conflicts in human history has been the battle between Good and Evil, from childhood games to popular literature this veritable war of attrition has been promoted to no end by the entertainment industry and now it has arrived on iOS. Formidable detective or blundering criminal? Let’s find out how Scotland Yard stacks up. (more…)

I guess I’ll start off this post by saying that [adult swim] has never resorted to normalcy with their applications. I mean, with titles like Robot Unicorn Attack and Snoticles, it’s safe to say that their applications won’t be like the rest.

The same holds true with one of their lesser known applications, Monsters Ate My Condo. In this game, you will go on a quest to keep your condo conquest from falling into the monsters’ hands. Can you undertake this crazy challenge? Find out after the break. (more…)

Get ready to run — a new game is in town and your only escape from the police is to run. A lot. Well, at least enough to reach some of the top spots on the App Store charts. That game is Subway Surfers. Learn what makes it so great right after the jump. (more…)

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