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Set in the post-apocalyptic world of Neuroshima, Neuroshima Hex is an iOS universal implementation of the successful Polish board game of the same name. Developed for iOS by Big Daddy’s Creations, it is a game of fairly simple rules that, once learned, make for quick strategic battles.

Each turn you draw from your selection of hex-shaped tiles (each one representing a unit type in your army) and place them strategically on the board. As the board fills, eventually a battle ensues and tiles are removed from the game in a process of elimination based on the capabilities of individual tiles, and how they influence one another. Confused yet? Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense after the break. (more…)

We all have those everyday chores that we dread. I mean, doing laundry, running errands and cleaning the counters aren’t exactly my idea of fun. One of these chores that we run into rather often is grocery shopping. This isn’t enjoyable, right? Well think again.

In Hidden Variable’s game Bag It!, you will find fun in perhaps the most annoying part of grocery shopping — packing up the bags. As you will soon learn, this is an art waiting to be mastered. Can you stand up to the challenge? Read more about it after the break. (more…)

I have always been a fan of puzzle games and RPGs. These elements are expressed perfectly in this thrilling puzzle experience. Gabrielle’s Monster Match is a new release to the App Store which combines the Connect Four gameplay mechanic with a more complicated scoring system.

This game is a spinoff from the 3DS release of Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove. The iPhone port uses characters from the original as puzzle pieces which you match up to collect points. It’s a very fun game to play with and it’s 100-percent free to download. (more…)

There’s a little blue hedgehog that’s been winning gamers’ hearts for over two decades, and he’s back again in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. We can’t get into Episode II’s pros and cons without touching on how it compares to Episode I, largely because Episode I was a bit of a disappointment for many long-time Sonic fans. When a video game character has a trademark play style that’s been around as long as our little ‘hog hero’s, finding the game’s physics have gone foul is not going to please fans.

If your hedgehog hero-worship is still faltering after Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I’s sluggish, slippery, slo-mo interpretation of Sonic, you’ll be very pleased to hear that Episode II gets it right, along with a substantial improvement in the graphics department with Retina display support. Now that we’ve eased those fears, let’s delve a little more deeply into what makes Episode II great — and what doesn’t. (more…)

The iPhone has seen some really fantastic games in 2012, including many that are inspirational and always fun to play. Bee Leader certainly is no different. You assume the role of a bee looking to collect nectar from nearby flowers, then you deposit this into your hive and gather as much honey as possible before sunset.

Players of all ages will be able to enjoy this puzzling animated adventure. The app brings together beautiful graphics, great tunes, and an all-around exciting user experience. Let’s find out more after the break. (more…)

Total War Battles, developed for the iPhone by Sega (and is an iOS universal app), puts you in control of the armies of the late 16th century Japan. You must build your resources, with buildings like lumber yards, blacksmiths and shrines, in order to deploy your armies of samurai, ronin, archers, cavalry, monks and yes, a ninja.

The Total War line of games have for a long time helped to define the real time strategy genre of video games. With all their excellent animations, tactical control and meta management of resources, I was excited to see what their first entry onto the iOS platform would be like. Head into the fray after the break. (more…)

Adventure games have always been my cup of tea because I like following the story of a hero, and these sorts of games can really do a good job of creating a character you love. It’s true though, that adventure games can be thin on the ground on the iPhone, so it’s always a joy to find a fun game with an involving story and a protagonist with whom you can really identify.

NCSoft’s recent title My Little Hero brings back all of the nostalgia of playing adventure games on early Nintendo consoles while injecting a fresh artistic sensibility to the genre. Swashbuckling sword fights and feats of daring do to save your comrades from evil are the order of the day in My Little Hero. (more…)

The release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the iOS platform wasn’t a coincidence. Its availability strategically coincided with the premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers and Capcom no doubt benefited from this connection. Just as the blockbuster is a chapter in a series, so, too, is MvC2, the sixth game within a set that includes highlights such as X-Men vs. Street Fighter and the first Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.

More than a decade after its initial release, MvC2 still boasts tons of praise, but how does one of the more technically complex entries in the series make the transition to iPhone? And after years of availability on consoles and a newer version on the market (Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds), why should anyone care? (more…)

Zombies — the undead that are seemingly huge in today’s culture — taking all of media by storm. Whether it be in TV shows, movies or video games, zombies are often the target for humans. As a result, they are often slaughtered in masses.

After years of oppression, the zombies are finally back for revenge in Brainsss. Help the zombies conquer neighborhoods, office buildings and city streets as they work their way towards world domination. Catch more of this second-life awesomeness after the jump. (more…)

I’m not a board game guy; never have been, don’t really see it happening in the future. But I am a geek, so the other day I was watching The Tabletop on Geek & Sundry, specifically the episode where Colin Ferguson and Anne Wheaton play Ticket to Ride. There was no way I was going to sit there for close to 30 minutes to watch people play a board game, right?

Yup, there was, and when I finished I thought, “I wonder if Ticket to Ride is available on the iPad or iPhone?” Sure enough, it is, and it’s called Ticket To Ride Pocket, and it’s a blast to play. Hop onboard after the jump.  (more…)

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