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Physics games seem like a dime a dozen on the iPhone, and anything that can put a new spin on the “fling an animal at another animal” Angry Birds motif is a welcome addition to the iOS platform. Developer Loqheart’s new iOS offering, Cannon Cat, is just that game.

The Evil Emu has imprisoned the skyfish, because he and the other flightless birds are jealous of their natural ability to soar amongst the clouds. Enter Meo the Cannon Cat, hero here to save the day, rescue the trapped skyfish, and defeat Evil Emu and his army of hovering penguins. (more…)

Forget Grand Theft Auto, there is a new robbery game out on the block. While this game does not have all of the action that GTA has, it does not mean it is any less thrilling.

Robbery Bob puts a new twist on previous burglary games. In this review, you will learn why this comically strategic game put this criminal as the most wanted on the App Store charts.


I’ve never been a great skier or snowboarder. The last time I hit the slopes I spent most of the time on the ground trying awkwardly to get back up. The closest I’ll ever come to a black diamond is in a game, and Ski Safari let me fly down the mountain with style.

Ski Safari, from Defiant Development, is an endless runner (“endless skier” would be more appropriate), with a very straightforward premise. You are rudely awakened from your sleep by being flung out of your cabin and forced to outrun the avalanche that is following you. What happens next is where the fun begins.  (more…)

We all have that one app on our iPhone that we thought we would hate and ended up loving it. When I was asked to review Super Mega Worm, I must admit that I was a bit reluctant at first. Still, I accepted the assignment and went on my way. And I’m damn glad that I did.

Read on to find out what is so special about Super Mega Worm and why I love it so much. (more…)

Tower defense can bridge the chasm between casual and hardcore gamers in a way that a lot of other iOS game genres can’t manage. They’re a great way for casual gamers to lose a few minutes tapping away while waiting in line at the bank, or they can be a real time sink for hardcore gamers whenever they play. Radiant Defense, with exciting, colorful graphics, flashy explosions, and a pumping soundtrack, is one of these universally appealing tower defense games.

Developer Hexage has been blasting out shiny, addicting games for iOS and other platforms for a few years now, and the release of Radiant Defense shows they haven’t been slacking. But in a genre flooded with apps, what makes this tower defense game the one to download? (more…)

The board game Catan, by Klaus Teuber, has been around almost 20 years now, and has gained worldwide popularity as an engaging strategic game of resource collecting and settlement building. USM, also the developer for the popular Keltis iOS game, brings us this implementation of Catan for the iPhone.

In it you take on the role of a settler of Catan, a newly discovered island rich with natural resources. You compete with the other settlers by building settlements, roads and cities in order to cover enough of the island with your influence to proclaim yourself the Lord of Catan. Stake your claim after the break. (more…)

Logos are seemingly omnipresent in today’s world. Everywhere you look there is at least a logo or two, and they have the uncanny ability to distinguish one company from another — or so you would think.

Logos Quiz puts your brain to the test. AticoD’s flagship game will put your logo knowledge to the test in ways that you would never have imagined. Can you stand up to the challenge? (more…)

Max Payne Mobile on the iPhone (universal iOS) is a third-person shooter set in a gritty, modern-noir New York criminal underworld. Originally released in 2001 by Remedy Entertainment, it has found its way to iOS, just on the cusp of the release of Max Payne 3.

In the game you take on the titular role of Max Payne, an undercover DEA agent who becomes the main suspect in his friend’s murder, and proceeds to go rogue in order to hunt down the guilty parties. His plan? To rain mad bullets down in an unending torrent of lead that leaves no one left standing. Get gunning after the break.


When I think of sports games, I think of ones with extreme graphics and hundreds of controls. Nowadays, games like FIFA and Madden have taken the App Store by storm. Even though these are great console games, I have never found them all that great for something like the iPhone.

If there were one sports game I’d recommend for the iPhone, it would have to be Flick Champions HD. Flick Champions HD is the iOS sports game done right. Read more about it after the jump. (more…)

In the animal kingdom, away from the safe haven that is the App Store, a shark would best any bird, angry or not. However, in the business of iPhone apps the rules have changed, the winged contingent are the dominant species of app and they rule the App Store charts with an iron claw.

The various incarnations of Angry Birds are the de facto standard for physics puzzlers but there is a new kid on the block snapping at their heels. Does Shark Dash sink or swim? Read on to find out. (more…)

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