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Who loves puzzle games? Well I do for one, and there are lots of others out there who share my joy for the casual game. The Heist isn’t just a puzzle game though, it’s an interactive mission. It’s like Ocean’s 11 without the lame sequels. Or George Clooney. Or really anything other than a safe.

But what is it? Well for that answer, you’re going to have to hit the jump.   (more…)

Lume is one of those rare puzzle games that you just can’t put down once you start. The design and background music are impeccable in setting a somber yet elegant tone. The puzzle challenges inside are also fun and quite the brain teaser.

The app was created by State of Play Games who have already begun work on the sequel, Lume 2. The popularity of Lume is not unfounded, as it certainly offers a unique mobile experience. There are some iOS users who just hate buying games and do not enjoy playing them, but if you like complex puzzles or even enjoy colorful app interfaces Lume is an amazing example. (more…)

I am not easily amused by casual games, and though I love the idea of a game I just pick up and play on my iPhone anytime, I lose interest in most games almost immediately. Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, however, has turned me into the fiending iPhone gamer I was longing to be.

Ascension is an iOS universal game by Playdeck, of the popular printed card game of the same name. It’s what you would call a deck building game, where each player starts with some basic cards (the same for each player) and, through the mechanics of game play, builds a deck that grants them more power over play, and more points in the end. Find out more after the break. (more…)

We all loved Tetris growing up, right? Maybe it was just me, but I could lose hours playing that classic game, dropping brick upon brick or waiting endlessly for that one super long one to complete a big block all at once. It sure was addictive, and I guess that’s why I haven’t been able to put down SpellTower since I bought it a few days ago.

Is the game reminiscent of Tetris? Definitely. But even better, it uses words to create your own blocks of varying sizes. Of course, there’s more to it than just that, so let’s get into everything after the jump. (more…)

It seems as if the top spots of the iOS charts are always reserved for games with birds as their main characters. Between Tiny Wings and the army of Angry Birds games out there, there really isn’t much room for other animals to show that they could be on top.

Then there is Whale Trail, which stars — you guessed it— a whale. Though it never reached the top of the iOS charts, Whale Trail is a wonderful game that I feel beats out its avian competition. Find out more after the jump. (more…)

Nintendo fans still yearn for the day when their favorite titles will finally grace the screens of their phones. Until then, Nintendo-loving developers have created many clones to titles like Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros or The Legend of Zelda. Of course, some of these clones are somewhat decent, and some quite are bad.

But then there is Pizza Boy. (more…)

Last week, during our normal Game Friday Roundup post, Marius mentioned Swordigo and said, “The fluid, 2.5D environment is gorgeously rendered in a colourful art style, and the controls are unobtrusive as you plumb the depths of dungeons and best your foes.” I remember stuttering when I read “2.5D,” but after looking at the screenshots I got the gist of what he was talking about and continued about my normal activities.

But then the next day, my wife comes into my office and says, “Have you played Swordigo? If not, you should do a review on it. It’s awesome.” After a brief download, I found myself tapping away on my iPhone’s glass, ready to head off on another quest. But would I come back with treasures beyond compare or just a bad case of sword rash? Let’s find out.  (more…)

Fibble hits all of my positive points for what I like in an iPhone game. First, it’s fun. Second, it’s pretty to look at. Third — and arguably the most important — the controls are simple and easy to use. In that sense, it’s perfect.

But there are more subtle things that I look for in a game that aren’t just part of a large checklist that I create arbitrarily on the go. Is Fibble the type of game that you’d like to play, or is it just a fly by nighter? Turns out, it’s not just another Angry Birds, it’s a potential successor. (more…)

The original version of the Oregon Trail was released in 1981 for the Apple II. Twenty years ago, at the ripe old age of five, I first played this classic on the Macintosh; it remains among the first video games I ever played, according to my memory. It seems only fitting then, that twenty years later I am playing The Oregon Trail on what is arguably the current pinnacle of Apple platforms: the iPhone.

If you aren’t yet familiar, The Oregon Trail is a game where you take up the role of a traveler leading your family across the country on the — you guessed it — Oregon trail. The end goal is to settle in Oregon, but you’ll have to protect your family from the harsh elements, treacherous terrain and dysentery along the way. Push onward past the break to find out more about this retro game update. (more…)

When it comes to iOS games, there aren’t too many that come out that people are waiting for with baited breath. Infinity Blade I and II come to mind, but other than that, not much else. And then there’s Angry Birds Space, the latest version of the popular Angry Birds franchise. And that’s when the world exploded.

This is the game that my father has been waiting for. My dad, the guy who got a Playstation 2 for Christmas a few years back and returned it because it made him “too violent” has been patiently waiting for Angry Birds Space. Yes, this is the game your parents want — but it’s probably the one you’ve been waiting for as well.  (more…)

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