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There are games that come out that just take off. Tiny Wings and its sequel, Tiny Wings 2, comes to mind. It involved a unique touch mechanic that was brand new to the iPhone and its brethren at the time, and it helped change the face of touch gaming.

Time Surfer is not Tiny Wings. But it is. And yet, it’s not. Ultimately, the relationship between Time Surfer and Tiny Wings is a bit complicated, and yet the two of them are intertwined so well that it would be difficult to tear them apart. Let’s explain why after the jump. (more…)

Oh, how I used to while away my days playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my SEGA Genesis back in the day. Between that and Street Fighter II, I don’t know how I got any homework done (actually, that explains a lot). Seriously, the Sonic series of games have a solid root on my heart, but recent versions have desecrated the name and turned it into a near worthless bit of IP.

But now there’s Sonic Dash, a reinvention of the concept for the mobile platform. It’s a runner, sure, but it’s also a different format for my favorite blue hedgehog entirely. Does it hold up to all of those childhood memories, or is it just another Sonic and the Black Knight? Let’s find out. (more…)

If you’re a pop culture enthusiast, you’ll love Icon Pop Quiz. The game tests your knowledge of everything from TV shows and movies to celebrities and well-known characters.

Gameplay is simple: You’re presented with a grid of abstract, mod-looking icons, each one meant to symbolize a person or thing. If you think you know the answer, just click the icon and type it in. What do you get if you’re right? Points and a few other things, but mostly bragging rights — isn’t that the best part of being a pop culture wiz anyway?

Click “more” to see whether you’re up to the test. (more…)

Domo, the square-bodied, saw-toothed creature who was hatched from an egg, is the star of an exciting and epic adventure in Domo The Journey. He embarks on his altruistic trek upon his buddy Bear Boy’s abduction by the big bully known as Hungry Bear.

While Domo’s mission is to save his friend, can he also succeed in rescuing players of the 2D-platform game from boredom? Find out after the jump. (more…)

If you’re asking yourself what a Gugl is, you’re about to find out. The stars of Link That Gugl are cute and round little creatures that come in a variety of hues and are all mixed up on the gameboard. It’s up to you to connect the same-colored ones to create the longest chain possible, thereby scoring as many points as you can.

It sounds so easy, but this game will test test your ability to think quickly and identify the most efficient ways of linking Gugls to maximize your score. Are you ready to play? Read more after the jump. (more…)

Have you ever wondered if it’s true there’s a place in a person’s head, that if you shoot it, it will explode? Yeah, it’s true — at least in Ready Steady Bang. That’s okay, though, because the design and pixel animations in Ready Steady Bang are more slapstick than serious. A true test of reflexes, you’ll be called on to take out pint-sized outlaws or pitted against your friends to find out who’s the fastest gun in the West. (more…)

In the seventh grade I was required to take a computer lab class. At the time, I wasn’t into computers or learning about what they had to offer, but one week I was introduced to a new favorite addiction — The Oregon Trail. I was hooked almost immediately by the core concept and simplistic game play, and enjoyed the challenge of making it safely to Oregon.

In 2011, developers The Men Who Wear Many Hats released a retro survival zombie game for the web called Organ Trail, which drew many similarities to the classic Apple II game. The Organ Trail eventually became so popular that the developers raised funds via Kickstarter in order to produce a new version for iOS and Android. If you’re a fan of The Oregon Trail like me, you’ll most certainly want to hit the jump to learn more about Organ Trail: Director’s Cut. (more…)

Snooker, whilst a fairly niche sport, is one that tends to be recreated in digital form as a game on most platforms these days. Snooker games have long been available on the PC and consoles as real, in-depth simulations of the sport. Mobile versions, however, have always been scarce, and when they are available, tend to be much more arcade than simulation.

This is where International Snooker 2012 steps in. It’s one of the best mobile recreations of the sport available — but it’s not without its flaws. Lets give it a spin after the jump. (more…)

The moment you see the start screen for Temple Run 2, you know something is different. It looks familiar, extremely reminiscent of the original, but with a makeover. It’s like somebody repainted your favourite bedroom and it just looks a little more polished than it did before. And that’s the sort of thing that applies to the visual overhaul that Imangi Studios has given Temple Run with the sequel.

The game retains the same premise as before. But Temple Run 2, like any great Hollywood sequel, expands on the premise with new concepts, characters and more spectacular action. It’s just an endless-runner game, but its prequel was universally hailed as the first and best. Temple Run 2 has a lot to live up to. (more…)

God of Blades is exactly the sort of game I would have died for when I was thirteen years old. At that time, The Return of the King was a hit movie and smacking things around with swords was top priority for any guy my age. It’s also around that time that God of War came out on PS2. It was a cool time to like swords.

In that sense, God of Blades feels a little bit nostalgic for me. I feel a little bit like I’m revisiting my youth. But the older part of me — the part that prefers Letterpress over hacking and slashing — really disagrees. (more…)

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