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There are a lot of camera apps in the App Store, but if you want to add some text or a caption to an image, there’s not a lot on tap. Sure, there are some LOLCat and meme apps to try, but if you don’t want super cutesy text all over your carefully shot and edited photo, there hasn’t been a lot to choose from.

Tiny Post is filling that gap, with photo captioning that’s for more than just tapping out “i can haz” on all your pictures. But is it really good enough to claim real estate next to our other photo apps, or will it turn out to be just another meme generator? (more…)

I love toying around with photos and manipulating different settings. When you walk around with an iPhone in your pocket at all times, you tend to rack up a decent collection of photos. And so it seems like the best companion for a large photo library is a large collection of iOS apps centered around image editing.

Popsicolor is brand new to the App Store having been first published in June 2012. Their branding is fantastic and they’ve already made it into the “What’s Hot” section of the App Store. Let’s find out why after the jump.

The Internet, and especially social media, has seen an influx of pretty spectacular animated gifs recently, called cinemagraphs. In a cinemagraph, the majority of the image is frozen while a section is animated. Imagine a still skyline with a fluttering flag being the only thing in motion, or an outdoor scene but the only thing that moves are a tree’s leaves. It’s a striking effect, but from a layperson’s perspective with little design experience, it seems almost impossible to capture.

Developer Factyle wanted to make that cinemagraph effect a little bit easier for all of us. Enter Cinemagram, which can record short bursts of video or will use your own videos to create those same cool, awesome, spooky and haunting images. Can it really be that easy? We’ll take a look at Cinemagram to see if creating cinemagraphs is really something anyone can do or if it’s best left to the pros. (more…)

Ever since Instagram launched in 2010 I’ve been fascinated by iPhone camera apps. You can take hi-res photos of nearly anything and import them into these mobile apps on your phone to create tremendous customizations. Filters, lighting, cropping, recoloring and nearly anything else you could possibly think about.

I’ve had the chance to review Color Splash Studio which is a similar app connected to all your social networks. It’s easy to import a photo and customize the settings, then share it out to all your profiles around the web. I love the simplicity of their user interface which goes hand-in-hand with the sharing and export features, but let’s talk about that more after the jump. (more…)

I’m always taking pictures with my iPhone. “Tell me about it,” I can hear you say, because I know I’m not the only one. We’re all taking a bunch of pictures all the time. But we want them to look good, and unfortunately the default iOS Camera app just isn’t all it could be when it comes to making our pictures shine. I’m always on the lookout for a way to take my amateur iPhone photos to the next level.

Visual Supply Co has long been looking to make digital photography more beautiful and work better, and VSCO Cam is their attempt to bring gorgeous photography to the iPhone. There are already so many camera apps in the App Store, but VSCO aims to marry spectacular digital picture taking with a minimalist interface for ease of use and a quality photo at the end of the process. (more…)

You’re browsing Twitter and you spot A tweet that says “current status” followed by a link. The link turns out to be an animated photo of a cat trying to sit inside a tiny box. You chuckle a bit and wonder, what was that thing? That little animation is most likely an animated GIF. These animated snippets are nothing new necessarily, but they’ve seen some increased traction lately.

Gifture is a new iPhone application that enables you to easily create and share some really cool animated GIFs. Think of an Instagram, but only for GIFs. If you haven’t seen any of these little things you’re in luck; they’re pretty entertaining to view, and now with Gifture, they’re even more fun to create. (more…)

If you are familiar with the web design and development community you have likely seen Forrst. The website acts as a social network where digital professionals can share their latest projects and give each other feedback. Many of these shots and code snippets are made public, although much like Dribbble you will need an invite to register an account.

Yet, up until recently there haven’t been many iOS titles related to Forrst in the App Store. One of the newest launches, Leef for iPhone, allows you to browse all of the latest posts from the Forrst API. Their search results are very snappy and you have the ability to customize which media you’re looking for. Let’s get into the other cool stuff after the jump. (more…)

As more people are getting interested in design and it becomes a preoccupation across the Internet, typography is moving out of a realm reserved only for graphic artists and print publishers. Typography is instead now becoming accessible to the masses who just want to make a document, blog or landing page look really good. There’s a lot going on in those little letters though, and choosing a typeface comes down to more than just which is the prettiest.

That’s where Typography Insight comes in. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a typeface and a font is, or how to tell a serif from a sans serif, Typography Insight is there to help. With font comparisons, type inspectors and a dictionary of typography terminology, Typography Insight aims to help you learn the ins and outs of type. (more…)

Editing video has always been a somewhat tedious process that requires a lot of graphical horsepower and skill to pull off correctly. Sure, apps like iMovie and the like have tried to make things easier, but they’re never really fun, now are they?

With that in mind, in comes Game Your Video, an app that’s built from the ground up to make the process of making movies fun. So does it succeed or fall flat on its face? Let’s hit the arcade and find out after the jump.  (more…)

Last week, Apple dropped a few big products our direction. We saw a new AppleTV, 1080P video for true HD content, a new iPad and even more. And then there was iPhoto, the latest and greatest piece of software for the iPad that allows you to edit your pics right there on the device. Oh, and it’s a universal app too, so it’s on the iPhone! Yay!

But how would an app that’s built to perform well on the expansive screen of the iPad work with the iPhone? Let’s file down those fingertips and find out.  (more…)

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