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As the saying goes, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Then there’s Google Analytics, which lets you track information about visits to your websites. For the most part, the service actually manages to avoid any of the first three categories. Unfortunately, it displays graphs and other information using Flash—making it totally useless on the iPhone, and soon the iPad.

Happily, there’s an API, so iPhone developers have taken it upon themselves to build iPhone applications that draw on Google Analytics. Foremost among these is Analytics App, created by Michael Jensen of Inblosam.

There are a number of Google Analytics apps in the app store, but many of them represent only a limited subset of the data provided by Google. In this review, I’ll look at the data provided by Analytics App as well as its interface. I’ll also give a very brief summary of its competition. Here’s a hint: there isn’t much.


I’ve always been a fan of Google, so when I bought my iPhone, Google Mobile was one of the first apps I downloaded. During this review, we’ll get into the functionality and features of the app including its search capabilities, custom settings and access to all the great Google apps you already know.

I, and I’m sure most of you reading this, use Google on a daily basis. On top of the most popular Google apps such as Gmail and Google Docs, the Google Mobile app gives you access to other useful Google apps while on the go; Calendar, Maps, YouTube… the list goes on.


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