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We all love to capture those special moments in our lives and keep them so that we can have them to look at later. The problem with this is that now days most people don’t print their pictures and put them in albums — at least I don’t. We tend to keep most of our precious moments on our hard drive, iPhone, DVD or the cloud and they just sit there. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could organize them so that when our children are older we can actually show them these great times?

Well, ThisLife is trying to be that service where you can capture your life in pictures and video, store them, organize and share with the world now or with close friends later. There are a variety of cloud storage services out there for photos, but most of them just let you store them on their servers. With ThisLife, there is so much more to do than just let them collect “dust” in the cloud. (more…)

SuperBetter is an app that’s part game, part life coach, and designed to help you achieve your health goals — such as recovering from an illness/injury, losing weight or eating better — by increasing your personal resilience in four areas: physical, mental, emotional and social. A tall order, right?

The app’s effectiveness lies in the way it breaks big goals into itty bitty ones. SuperBetter keeps track of all your “Quests” and tasks you with daily and weekly to-do’s that will get you closer to conquering your “bad guys.” And lest you start thinking SuperBetter is just one great big group hug, think again: The app features “The Science Behind …” videos and tips throughout to back up its methods.

Let’s take a look at what’s so super-great about SuperBetter after the jump.  (more…)

One of the things that I really appreciate about the iPhone is the fact that I can use it as my portable camera. With every new iteration of the phone, the camera gets better and better, and soon it will be a solid device that can rival other standalone cameras. As you know, camera apps are a dime a dozen; there are a few that stand out and the rest just kind of take up space in the App Store. But with video, it is a little different in that there still are a few that stand out, but you don’t have as many apps to choose from.

One that recently caught my eye was Vidify, which is very different than some of the other well know video apps like Socialcam and Viddy, which were both reviewed here on iPhone.AppStorm previously.The main function of it is to create your own video collage to share with others; think of it as a simple way to edit a bunch of videos into one. If you like to take video with your iPhone or just want to spice them up a bit, you are definitely going to want to find out more about Vidify. (more…)

Journaling has, to some, become a relic; an item of the past which is no longer relevant. With children of the Facebook age growing farther apart from textile books, writing a diary has become a lost art. People now prefer to use Facebook (or Twitter) as their journal of everything that takes place in their life. It’s understandable since you can share all of the activity there with your friends, but what about all those private things and thoughts you’ve had throughout the day? What, are you going to Tweet them or something? No, I have a better idea.

iPads are great for almost anything and, if you’re comfortable with typing on one, why not use it for journaling as well? Bloom Built’s Day One is by far the best solution to this. Our own Nathaniel Mott reviewed this app last November, giving it a 9/10 for outstanding design and the many handy features. Now, nearly a year later, the developer has added some great new key features like photos, geotagging, weather and Foursquare check-ins. I’m going to take a look at the new features after the break, so why don’t you join me? (more…)

Muzy is an intuitive image editing app that allows you to make collages with your own photos or ones from the web, plus you can can edit, crop, enhance with special effects add captions, and custom-frame your work.

But what good is the perfect photo arrangement if you can’t share it with everyone you know, right? Muzy lets you post your images directly to Facebook, so that others can marvel at your cool photos (and image editing genius).

Hit the jump and I’ll show you just what this app can (and can’t) do. (more…)

Not everyone has time in their day to spend hours at the gym, nor have the motivation to do so alone, anyway. Yet, most of the people who meet the aforementioned criteria probably understand the benefits of doing some exercise each day and that’s where Teemo comes in.

Teemo’s core concept is turning spare minutes you have throughout the day into time spent exercising, merged with an ability to do so with friends remotely and in a game-like, or fun, way. (more…)

When it comes to checking the weather on your iPhone, there are way too many solutions. You can use something like Wunderground to get the most accurate reports, or Weather 2x, a less precise and more beautiful alternative. Then there’s the boring old app that comes with your iPhone. It has a rather stale design and doesn’t offer many details, but that’s mainly because it’s taking a minimal approach to things.

Nubilous and WTHR are two minimal, but beautiful weather apps. Is one better than the other, though? Let’s find out. (more…)

The Olympic Games are without doubt the greatest sporting spectacle in the world; combining 36 major sports and only the very best athletes, the games also pose a logistical nightmare for organisers and spectators alike. If, like me, you aren’t fortunate enough to have tickets for your favourite events, keeping track of specific competitions and where to watch them can be a truly thankless task.

For the Beijing Games in 2008, I drew up a shortlist of events I wanted to see, complete with times, locations and where to watch them — only to inadvertently miss Usain Bolt smash Michael Johnson’s 200m sprint world-record, one of the most spectacular moments in the history of Athletics. However, thanks to the London 2012 Results app, it’s almost impossible to make such a mistake again. Check it out after the jump.


Everyone told me to take lots of pictures of my baby boy because before you know it, he is going to be all grown up. My wife being the photographer that she is has taken numerous photos and videos of our son. When we first started to do this, we looked at different ways to organize everything and yet share them with my parents since they live so far away and wanted to get as many pictures as they could. We were deciding on whether we should have gotten a baby book and put pictures in there, but in the end, we decided to create a blog and chronicle his life that way.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an app named 23snaps, which lets you document your child’s life and share it with others either privately or publicly. After I started to play with it a bit, I kind of wish we had started out with this app as this seems a little more flexible for us. If you are a parent that wants an easy way to capture your child’s moments, you are going to want to read further. (more…)

I may have only lasted two weeks as a boy scout (when I was five), but the boy scout motto, “be prepared,” has stuck with me throughout my life. Now, I can’t say I’ve always been the model of preparedness, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve made an effort (such as keeping track of my belongings) to be as ready as possible if some unforeseen event occurred.

With the advent of the Internet, vasts amount of information is literally at our fingertips; and with devices like the iPhone, that information is accessible anywhere. Recently, the American Red Cross decided to go one step further by releasing First Aid, an app that contains all the information you’d ever need in an emergency. Hit the jump to learn more about how to become better prepared. (more…)

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