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One question that anyone using a check-in app has is “What are they doing with this data?” For as long as we’ve been busy checking in and sharing who we’re with, people have been thinking about how this data could be leveraged for something more useful than a virtual badge or title.

Gowalla attempts to answer this question. Previously an app that focused on the check-in, Gowalla is now using this information to generate travel guides for hot places all across the world. In this grand pivot, has Gowalla become something profoundly useful or lost some users?


There have been plenty of games reviewed over here on AppStorm, so there are plenty of ways for you to kick back and relax. What I’d like to look at today is a way for you to get active and in shape, with the Fitbit app for iPhone. Fitbit is a relatively mature utility in the fitness space but their iPhone app is brand new.

Is this service going to help you get in shape, or is it a slouch? In my experience, it may just have the tools that you need to get up and running.


For years, Apple’s worst kept secret has been the Trailer section of their website. It’s not publicized very often, but occasionally a web article will link to it, or someone will tell you about the latest exclusive feature, but it’s one of those things you kind of have to know about before you go there.

A few months back, Apple released a series of new apps designed to showcase the cool features in iOS 5, and one of them was iTunes Movie Trailers — but we’ll call it Trailers to keep things simple. At first blush, it seems like this would be a pretty shallow app with only one focus: showing you trailers. But as it turns out, there’s a lot more to the app than just some pretty videos, and I’ll tell you about them after the break.


The other day, I decided that I was lacking a bit in the social networking department, so I started investigating the various options that I had on the table to see what I could get involved in. I was covered on Facebook, Twitter, With, Path, Tumblr, Foursquare, Instagram and a few others, and then I realized that there were still a ton of other options out there if I wanted them. It was dizzying.

So the last thing I wanted was to sign up for another social network, but then out came Stamped with a lot of hype following it. Seemed like everyone was talking about it, so I decided to give it a try for a few days and see what all the buzz was all about. Is Stamped worth the hype? Let’s talk it out after the jump.


Has it ever happened to you? The sudden realization that a family member, good friend or colleague had their birthday and you missed it? Needless to say, embarrassment and groveling ensues to make it up. After all, most of us wouldn’t be too happy either if someone we cared about forgot our special day.

From now on, there’s a way of never forgetting a birthday again: Meet Yearly, the beautiful birthday reminder app that will let you know in time when to prepare for celebrations.


For a while now, Facebook has released subpar applications for the iPhone. Each version seems to be just as broken as the last, and until recently there’s been little improvement.

Luckily, with the newest version that shipped with the long-awaited iPad app, Facebook for iPhone is finally an app worth having on your home screen.Let’s talk about it after the break.


Instagram may be the current darling of the social photo sharing community, but Mobli is quickly gaining a loyal following.

Offering more than filters, Mobli is redefining the social photo sharing platform by enabling users to follow their interests and their friends. The sleek design, and the number of customizable options are a stark contrast to Instagram’s singular focus.

Learn more about Mobli’s photo sharing prowess after the jump.


Instapaper is a staple on many a homescreen. The application and service has been powerful in shifting the digital landscape, offering a useful service at a fantastic price.

With a brand new interface design, changes to the reading view, and some other features that really improve the functionality of the app, 4.0 is a huge update that shot for the stars. Did it reach its lofty goals? Read on and find out.


I am always trying to stay in the know when it comes to technology. I just love reading about it everyday and seeing what is up and coming. This is where something like Google Reader comes in very handy. I can pull in all the news stories from all the different websites I read and have it all in one place. Definitely a great way to get your news if you get it from many different sources.

But this review isn’t about Google Reader, but an application that is very similar to it and yet offers a ton more features — Reeder for the iPhone. For those of you that don’t know, Reeder has been around for a couple of years now and I have used it on the iPhone for a long time. It’s a great app to use to browse the news and save for later reading when you are on a bigger screen.

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