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Reviews (or ADN) features an unusual business model, particularly for a social network. The idea of a paid social network that depends on its developers to advance the platform is unheard of, but comes with some significant benefits. For one thing, you know your information is private. isn’t going to sell anything you post. For some people, this is enough to differentiate the “Twitter clone” from Twitter. But perhaps more interestingly (and not unlike the Twitter of old), it encourages developers to race towards innovation.

Rivr is trying to claim a piece of that innovation for itself. Rivr is an app that focuses on making your stream beautiful and intuitive, and it’s not afraid to bend some interface rules to get it done. Rivr is extremely functional, but you might be wondering if its ease of use gets lost in all this extra functionality, or if it’s as easy to use as Netbot, perhaps the most popular ADN client in town. Read on to find out. (more…)

Good knife skills are the foundation of preparing food. Without a sharp knife and the knowledge to use it, you won’t get very far in the kitchen. These roadblocks keep you from trying new recipes and limit your options at the grocery store. Kitchen Knife Skills is an instructional app that empowers users to master the knife and become more self-reliant, adventurous home cooks.

Using proper knife skills is not just about chopping ingredients; it’s about becoming more safe, thrifty and efficient in the kitchen. Learning the correct way to cut up an apple reduces waste. Once you’ve mastered basic knife skills you can throw out the gadgets clogging up your kitchen drawers — no need for a garlic press, apple corer or fancy mango and avocado slicers. You’ll be more adventurous, trying exotic ingredients you may have been intimidated to tackle in the past (ginger, pineapple, lobster, whole fish). Kitchen Knife Skills has everything you need to learn: knowledgeable instructors, step-by-step video demonstrations, clever tips and a knife-buying guide.

Don’t let lacking knife skills hold you back in the kitchen, keep reading to learn more about this useful resource for home cooks. (more…)

If you were to ask multiple Android Jellybean users what their favorite Android feature is, the smart bet is that most would say Google Now. As a non-Android user, I’ve had little hands-on experience with the feature, but it’s not from a lack of want. I’m a die hard iOS user, but I’m also a very emphatic user of Google’s services (Gmail, search, Google Docs, Chrome).

So imagine my surprise (hint, it was very) this past Tuesday morning when I learned Google Now had arrived on iOS by way of the Google Search app. Having lived with this much touted service for a handful of days now, getting to chance to experience what it really has to offer, it’s time to determine if Google Now has lived up to the hype. (more…)

Every week, Marius Masalar gives us a rundown of the best new games of the week with iPhone Game Friday, and every week I read through the post, think about what a great job he’s done and go to the App Store to make a purchase. He’s good at his job.

It happened again a few weeks ago when he brought up Mittens, a game by Disney not based on any previous character or property. It’s about a cat, a girl cat, diamonds — there’s a lot going on here, but at the end of the day, it’s a puzzler. Is it fun? Well Marius said it was “addictive and wonderful,” so is he right or does he need to start looking for a new job? Let’s find out. (more…)

I got this friend, Billy. Billy has a sordid past, and he’s looking for redemption. He’s going to find redemption by chainsawing a bunch of fish and then blowing them away with an Uzi. Okay, so I’m not really clear on the details, and I can’t say I understand why slaughtering a bunch of fish is going to make it all better for Billy, but that’s the premise of Ridiculous Fishing.

A sequel to the Flash game Radical Fishing, the folks at Vlambeer have been refining Ridiculous Fishing for the last two years. Was all that effort worth it? Spoiler alert, yes, it was totally worth it, but you should probably still read the review, anyway. (more…)

Finance is one area of my life where I always like to feel that I am in control and I know what is going on. When I was single it was easy to handle, but now with a wife, her small business and a son, the financial accounts have grown and become a little more complicated. I still want to stay on top of things and like to make sure that we are doing okay, but now I get a little help from an app called Personal Capital.

I have the bad habit of never keeping a very good record of our money, in that I don’t log somewhere every time we make a transaction. With debit cards and automatic withdrawals, it has made that process so much harder, in my opinion. What I would do is that I would just check my bank accounts every day to make sure that the transactions that took place the previous day, matched up with what I thought it should be. That can be a tedious process, and so I began searching for an app that could help me out, and that is where Personal Capital came into play for me. (more…)

Since the iPhone 4, Apple has been leading the charge with the cameras in its phones. The iPhone 5 has a stunning 8-megapixel camera that, in my opinion, makes owning a point-and-shoot almost pointless. By most people’s standards, the camera in an iPhone is more than enough for their daily needs: They get great photos with minimal frustration.

I’ve always wanted a little bit more control over the camera functionality in my iPhone, though. It’s great that I can focus the camera in the stock app, but why can’t I make other minor adjustments? I’d love to be able to choose to shoot in RAW or change the shutter speed, even a little. Apple isn’t willing to give me those features though, likely because it would compromise the ease of use of their stock app.

That’s where PureShot comes in. (more…)

Whether you’re new to exercise and don’t know where to start, or a fitness enthusiast who’s looking to change up the weekly routine, the Reebok Fitness app allows you to design a workout program specific to your wants and needs with the help of a fitness expert.

Pick your favorite activities or incorporate new ones into your plan, then let the app provide you with a schedule and workout reminders, plus challenge you to keep you motivated. You can view a breakdown of your achievements after each session and even share the results with friends.

Are you ready to get moving? Click “more” to see how the app works. (more…)

After 13 years writing “The Minimalist” column for the New York Times and hosting a PBS television series, Mark Bittman has established himself as a guru of the American food scene. Home cooks across the country keep a tattered copy of his ubiquitous big red book, How to Cook Everything, close to hand in the kitchen for daily reference. If you’re looking to understand a cooking technique or digging for inspiration to jazz up your weekly roast chicken, you’ll find it in this epic cookbook, containing 2,000 recipes and 400 technique illustrations.

The developers at Culinate have taken this classic cookbook and turned it into a must-have recipe app, How to Cook Everything for iPhone. It’s a companion to the book because it allows users to engage with the content using advanced search features, rate recipes and view the most popular ones, plus create customizable Favorites and Shopping Lists. Keep reading to learn more about the ultimate cook’s reference for recipes and techniques. (more…)

Since it’s release in June 2012, TodoMovies has been a choice app for managing a queue of movies you want to watch. The app didn’t feature many bells and whistles, but instead focused on performing one task well. Originally, I enjoyed the concept and execution of TodoMovies, but at the time was maintaining a list of movies in the IMDb app. I decided to stick with IMDb instead of making a permanent switch, since I already used the app for so many things.

However, with the recent release of TodoMovies 2.0, which includes an impressive list of updates, it may be time to seriously reconsider making the switch after all. Join me after the jump as I detail these new features, and ultimately decide if TodoMovies lands itself a permanent spot on my iPhone. (more…)

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