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Do you know how many people there are in New York? Can you define what makes a SaaS-Service interesting to potential customers? What about the history of The Church of Our Lady in Germany — do you know it? If you don’t know the answer to one or all of those questions, there’s no reason to despair. In our world of continuous information overload and ever-changing facts, it’s hard to stuff everything into one’s head and then recall it.

For most of today’s relevant information, there’s this nifty website called Wikipedia and I bet all of you have profited from it at some point in the past. Unfortunately, the web interface doesn’t really rock on the iPhone screen. To remedy this and provide you with a thoroughly enjoyable reading and research experience, meet Wikibot, an awesome Wikipedia App for the iPhone. (more…)

The original version of the Oregon Trail was released in 1981 for the Apple II. Twenty years ago, at the ripe old age of five, I first played this classic on the Macintosh; it remains among the first video games I ever played, according to my memory. It seems only fitting then, that twenty years later I am playing The Oregon Trail on what is arguably the current pinnacle of Apple platforms: the iPhone.

If you aren’t yet familiar, The Oregon Trail is a game where you take up the role of a traveler leading your family across the country on the — you guessed it — Oregon trail. The end goal is to settle in Oregon, but you’ll have to protect your family from the harsh elements, treacherous terrain and dysentery along the way. Push onward past the break to find out more about this retro game update. (more…)

One of the flagship features on these iDevices is the music-playing capabilities. Of course, if you listen to music as much as I do, you will be on the constant search for some new tunes. This is where Discovr Music comes into the picture. This nifty little application allows you to find new music literally in a tap.

Let’s dive into it after the jump. (more…)

Reading is part of our daily lives. You’ve probably heard people claiming they can read 200 pages in 20 minutes or similar, and you’re wondering if it’s possible. Also, there are a lot of applications and programs that will supposedly teach you how to read faster, but none of them seem very effective.

There might be an exception though: Reading Trainer. It’s an iPhone (and iPad) app that has become very popular on the App Store and is actually very well reviewed by their users. It claims that, with practice, you’ll be able to read 2 to 3 times faster than your current speed. I’ve been expecting an app like this for a while now, since reading fast has always been like a dream to me. Let’s see if the promises hold true. (more…)

Ever since I cut the cord on cable about a year ago, I have increased my watching and searching for videos on the net. Both Hulu Plus and Netflix have been a staple on my iOS devices for watching mainstream shows. But I have been noticing the trend in media which, like a lot of other things, have started to become more social and interactive.

To be perfectly honest, I never really got into the social aspect of watching videos and the apps that came out for them. But, for some reason, when I saw this app named Denso, it started to all make sense to me a bit more and I actually started to get more interested in the videos that are being shared on my social accounts and around the net. Was it the app or was it the fact that I just now “got it?” I’m not sure, but feel free to read more and you can be the judge. (more…)

If you are familiar with the real estate market then you have likely heard about They are a powerful marketplace where buyers and sellers can post listings, photos and information about homes. You can search for properties by area, or even request a specific addresses.

The best part about Zillow is their fully featured mobile app experience. Their native app supports both iPhone and iPad devices, both with all of the same featured functionality. You can look up addresses and see previous listings/sale prices over the years. Anybody with an interest in the housing market will love to check this out. (more…)

Whether you like quotes, use a lot of quotes, or just find (or maybe even say) so many witty and inspiring phrases that they need to be shared with your friends, family, followers, neighbors and the world, this app is the answer.

iQuotation is a database of famous quotations, and quotations by famous people, placing a bucketload of pithy wisdom right at your fingertips. Not only is it already categorized for convenience for its users, but it’s also customizable, depending on which quotes you like best. Users also have the ability to add their own favorite quotes and of course, spread the word via social media. Click “more” to take a closer look. (more…)

When it comes to iOS games, there aren’t too many that come out that people are waiting for with baited breath. Infinity Blade I and II come to mind, but other than that, not much else. And then there’s Angry Birds Space, the latest version of the popular Angry Birds franchise. And that’s when the world exploded.

This is the game that my father has been waiting for. My dad, the guy who got a Playstation 2 for Christmas a few years back and returned it because it made him “too violent” has been patiently waiting for Angry Birds Space. Yes, this is the game your parents want — but it’s probably the one you’ve been waiting for as well.  (more…)

There’s a big market for photography apps on the App Store, proven by fantastic apps like Instagram which allow on device editing and styling of your photos. However, while capturing detail in a scene isn’t an issue, photos are fairly shallow when there’s much more that can be recorded of a scene.

Picle takes photography to a new level, by merging it with audio recording to create incredible, unique stories. Instead of capturing a photo, Picle lets you record a “picle,” a photograph with a couple of seconds of background audio merged together. Let’s get into it after the jump. (more…)

There are a ridiculous number of iPhone games available in the App Store and that number is growing faster than ever. What’s even more interesting is seeing what different and interesting things developers are doing with their games. The creativity of the developers keeps me coming back to explore new titles in the games category all the time.

Beat Sneak Bandit takes touch interaction up a level and combines audio and touch to create really interesting gameplay and something I hadn’t experienced before — It was just too different to avoid. Let’s explore Beat Sneak Bandit. (more…)

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