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I’m a university student and, as any other student would tell you, it’s nice to know where exactly you stand in a particular course. Understanding what grade you’re currently at and what you need to do to succeed can be incredibly useful. Today’s app will do just that!

While Grades would improve with a bit of polishing, I think you’ll find it fills a particular niche remarkably well. Read on to see what I thought of it, and how it can help you come through your college or university course successfully.


There are easily hundreds of apps in the App Store, all wanting to manage your to do list for you; even once you filter out the less polished ones, you still have a lot to choose from. We’ve covered a few of these before, but there’s an new kid on the block.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for “the perfect to do list app,” and I think I’ve found it: it’s called TaskPaper, from Hog Bay Software. Before writing it off as “just another task manager”, be sure to give our review a read.


Keeping track of future tasks – sometimes hours, days or months ahead – is a challenge for everyone. Little written notes can magically disappear, dedicated task management apps can seem overwhelming for such a purpose and managing everything within iCal? Well, apart from looking cluttered at some point, it’s not always good to have private stuff on that screen when someone else looks over your shoulder.

One solution to your worries could be TextMinder, an iPhone and iPod touch app that sends you mobile reminders (short messages) to help you keep track of things.


For those not needing a fully fledged task manager but keeping track of their to-do’s with iCal, synchronising to the iPhone or iPod touch is a constant source of frustration. Tasks from the computer don’t easily show up on the mobile device.

With 2Do, this is history. The to-do manager syncs tasks seamlessly between local and mobile devices and impresses with a functional and beautiful interface.


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