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So you know a few people. Okay, you know a lot of people. And you need to keep in touch with these people. Of course, your iPhone has a built-in Contacts app, but isn’t there anything a little more friendly and fun?

Of course there is! It’s Groups – drag and drop contact management. Groups is really just a pair of rose-tinted glasses for the built-in contacts app. When you update contact information in one, you’ll see those changes in the other. For me this works nicely, because the Contacts app syncs with Google Contacts.

In this review, I’ll be a taking a look at the interface of Groups and investigating the functionality on offer.


You don’t have time to read this review. So what are you going to do? You’ll probably leave this tab open in Safari, only to lose it among the 30+ tabs you already have open. What you need is an iPhone app that will let you collect articles you find (both on your iPhone and computer) so you can read them later.

Enter Instapaper – an amazing web application and iPhone app that lets you quickly and easily save an article to come back to later.


Apple certainly took their time to activate push notification for the iPhone, but the truth is that it has been worth the wait. As one of the most requested features, it proves to be very useful when used appropriately and with measure.

Boxcar takes advantage of this feature by providing an entry point for all your notifications: Twitter, Facebook, email and even RSS or Growl, and then firing the appropriate app to handle them. This review will take a look at how the app works, and explain where to start.


When Apple came out with copy/paste functionality for the iPhone earlier this year, it received a warm welcome. Users were now able to have the basic ability to copy and paste text. But what about copy and paste functionality plus the added benefit of a clipboard that stores everything you copy, including images?

For users in need of more than the basic copy/paste you may want to consider Pastebot. This review will take a look at the functionality this wonderfully designed app has to offer.


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