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This week’s Game Friday sees us round up 5 different racing games from the App Store. The aim is to keep this as varied as possible as I’m sure that not all of you like standard driving games, so we have included some racing games with a difference including the excellent DrawRace along with Uphill Rush 2.

Check out the roundup below and let us know your favourite racing games in the comments.


It’s Friday once again, and we’re bringing you another roundup of the new iPhone games that have been released in the last couple of weeks. Today sees another varied collection, ranging from the big budget Brothers in Arms 2, right down to the lone developer Jason Fieldman’s Rubehouse.

As a developer myself I love to support the little guys who work on their own to produce great apps, so please feel free to recommend some others in the comments below!


Puzzle Games are one of the strongest games categories on the iPhone with some truly great new concepts being brought to the genre as well as old classics being redesigned to take advantage of the touch screen capabilities. As a programmer, I love a good puzzle game to get my brain in gear on the way to work so that when I get there I’m all ready to dive into the problems of the day.

So today’s list will focus on a few of my favourites as well as a couple that have caught my eye recently. If you have any recommendations, I would be glad to hear of them!


It’s Friday again, so it must mean we’re back for another roundup of games in our iPhone Game Friday. This week is another roundup of new releases from the App Store, and the quality of games really does seem to be improving. Developers finally seem to be utilising iPhone technology to make their games more engrossing!

Anyway, back to the games… This week we have a variety of sports, puzzles and just plain stupid games. From the brilliantly fun GT Racing, all the way down to the (slightly weird) “You vs Wall”. Hopefully there is something for everyone here!


Once again, Friday brings us another games round-up, this time focusing on Adventure Games. So far I have been quite confused by the App Store’s categorising of games, for example, why is Where’s Waldo classified as an adventure game? And is Solitaire really a strategy game? This week though I have mostly been playing Doodle Bug, an addictive game for just $0.99.

However, back on topic, I am very pleased with most of the games in the adventure section. There are some fantastic ones that we will be looking at this week, including Broken Sword and Avatar.


Welcome to the final iPhone Game Friday of the month, can you believe it’s already the end of January? I’m writing this on Tuesday evening, before the Apple announcement of the Tablet… at least I hope they announced the tablet… otherwise a lot of people are going to be scratching their heads!

Anyway, once again we are rounding up new releases from over the past fortnight, excluding the ‘Big One’ that is GTA:China Town Wars as we have a separate review for this. I like to keep the new releases posts as varied as possible and hope there is something for everyone in here!


Welcome to another edition of iPhone Game Friday. This week the iPhone game market has been dominated by the release of “Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars” and we will have a full review of this game coming next week (sneak preview: It’s fantastic!)

This week sees the continuation of our themed roundups, focusing on apps that fall into the ‘Arcade’ category of games. Again we will try and bring you a brief introduction into five great games, from the delightful Rat on a Scooter to the promising Goals! Pro.


Welcome to another iPhone Game Friday, this week focusing on five of the latest releases to the App Store.

As we aim to bring you games that you may not have heard of in the New Releases posts, this week will feature 5 obscure games from the delightful Sailboat Championship to the TV tie-in Spartacus: Blood and Sand.


We’re continuing our series looking at iPhone games today, focusing on five fantastic sport games. These range from the relatively sedentary darts, through to the more action-packed Backbreaker: Tackle Alley.

We’ve taken on board your feedback and included a selection of screenshots from the games this week. If there’s anything else you would like to see in this weekly series, please feel free to voice your opinion in the comments!


We’re kicking off a new weekly feature today: iPhone Game Friday. It will be running at the end of each week, and will either round up a handful of new games, a selection of classics, or look at a particular genre.

This week, we will be taking a look at a few of the latest releases for the iPhone platform. These five apps fall into a number of different categories, so there’ll be something for you whether you enjoy chess, action or racing!

I hope you enjoy the series, and we look forward to giving you a weekly game fix every Friday. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!


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