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There’s nothing like a healthy dose of gaming to help you unwind after the work week, and we’re always happy to help you out with the finest recent releases.

This week, you’ll meet some familiar faces in new settings, dive into a pair of super sequels and try out a fascinating spin on a familiar formula — click through and get started! (more…)

The weekend is here again, and that means a new batch of App Store games for you to enjoy!

Come play some poker, control gravity, shoot aliens and live out your pixel dreams with us after the jump … (more…)

It’s been a colourful week for iOS gaming, with some impressive new titles and one particularly notable sequel racing toward you …

Click through for the lowdown on what you should be playing this weekend! (more…)

Let’s welcome the new month with some gaming, shall we?

Recently, we’ve seen some truly stunning iOS games hit the App Store, and we want to help you discover them too — click through for our favourite new titles! (more…)

It’s the weekend once more, and we’re glad to be bringing you some fresh and fun new App Store games you can relax with.

This week, you’ll rescue a teddy bear, do some dungeon crawling, fix damaged art, kick cats and build a community, so you had better click through and get started! (more…)

If you’re recovering from a Valentine’s-infused chocolate overdose then you might be in need of some downtime to digest this weekend.

There’s nothing better than some gaming to help with that, and we have this week’s finest new App Store arrivals to keep you occupied! (more…)

We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day here, and while it might be tempting to spend your gaming time with the various themed updates to existing titles, it’s always worth checking out what’s new on the App Store.

That’s why we’ve gathered up a handful of the week’s best new games for you to play through! (more…)

The best part of anyone’s weekend is surely some extra time to play games, which is why we bring you a sweet collection of excellent new App Store titles every Friday.

This week, you’ll be busting ghosts, making music, stealing diamonds and even treading some nostalgic fantasy territory, so click through and get your game on! (more…)

Quick, the apes are back!

But there’s more to this roundup than Temple Run’s sequel; you’ll play as a pixel blob, a tin man and more with this week’s finest App Store game releases. Let’s play. (more…)

The incredible games keep flowing in this new year, and we’re keeping an eye on them for you.

Click through for a fresh collection of titles that’ll keep you running, building, flying and puzzling through your spare time! (more…)

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