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Glad you could join us for this spooky, Friday-the-13th edition of Game Friday!

Superstition aside, we’ve collected some fine new games for you so click through and have a go at defending your body, flying through the Antarctic and slashing your way to victory! (more…)

July has crept up on us, bringing some serious heat with it (here in the northern hemisphere at least). If you’re hiding out from the scorching sun, you may need to replenish your stock of portable games — and as usual, we’re here to help!

Come on in and read about our favourite new titles for this week, including a wicked sci-fi racer, an all-star sequel, and what may just be the most visually impressive iOS game we’ve ever seen…


Welcome to another Friday, friends. This week we’ll have you testing your vocabulary, your driving skills and even your sense of humour as we explore the latest standout games on the App Store.

Come on in and have a look … (more…)

You made it: welcome to the end of another week!

I’d also like to take a moment to welcome you to the 100th Game Friday post! This column has been running steadily since January of 2010, believe it or not, bringing you each week’s coolest new App Store games. It has been my great pleasure to helm the column since September of 2010, and I hope you’ll continue to follow along as I endeavour to keep your game folders filled for another 100 weeks. Here’s to fun games, fine technology, and fantastic readers!

Now then, rest assured that we have a sweet set of new games for you to unwind with this weekend, including some awesome retro follow-up titles, and the most fun you’ve ever had fighting off a cold.

Curious? Come on in and check them out … (more…)

Oh, Fridays. Always full of joy and surprises and games. For instance, did you know that today is Neil Patrick Harris’ birthday? Now you know. And you can celebrate by playing some of the fine new App Store games we’ve collected for you here — and you’ll need a friend for one of them, so grab one and click through! (more…)

We’ve had an excellent week for new releases on the App Store for those of you itching to try some new games (including a fresh Kairosoft title!), and as usual, our favourites are waiting for you right after the jump. So whip those phones out and click through!


With a fond farewell to the month of May, we welcome you to June and its summery goodness. If you happen to have some time indoors to kill, then you’re going to love this week’s set of fresh App Store games. Come see what’s on offer… (more…)

Although the summer weather makes it a joy to spend time outside, sometimes you’re still stuck indoors waiting for one thing or another, or looking to unwind after a tough day with an evening of gaming. As usual, we’ve got your back — five fresh titles from the App Store await you after the jump, so hop in and enjoy! (more…)

It isn’t just the PC gamers, with their Diablo III release, that have had an amazing week for new titles. The App Store saw a number of blockbuster releases, including two extremely potent sequels, and we’ve collected the finest of the bunch for you for today’s roundup.

Come on in and get ready to give your thumbs a workout!


Welcome back to Game Friday, everyone! For those of you who aren’t out scrambling for last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, we’ve collected some of the App Store’s newest hits — and rising stars!

Check them out after the jump…


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