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The iPhone’s advanced GPS capabilities make it an awesome companion for getting from A to B. There are tons of apps that provide advanced interfaces and turn-by-turn directions exactly like you’d find on a dedicated GPS device.

Below we’ll take a look at fifteen of the best navigation apps we could find for the road, the trails and even the air! Note that several navigation apps require subscription but we did our homework and tried to provide subscription information where appropriate.


The iPod has come a long way since 2001. The second generation model sitting on my desk doesn’t have a color screen, weighs enough to be used as a self-defense aid and does little else than play music (though block breaker was a pretty cool feature at the time).

My iPod Touch on the other hand is an astonishing technological feat rivaling that of the iPhone. However, there are definitely a few major features that iPhone users enjoy that I miss out on. Fortunately, several app developers are on the task of closing this feature gap and have significantly extended the functionality of the iPod Touch.

Today we’ll look at ten apps that help make your iPod Touch a lot cooler by mimicking some of the basic features found on iPhones.


If any aspect of your job involves design, get ready to install a few new iPhone applications. In this bumper roundup we will be taking an in-depth look at fifty apps for web designers. They fall into categories including FTP and Storage, Colors and Design, Fonts and Typography, Coding, Site Analytics, and various others.

While most of the apps are free, a few will require that you fork over a couple of dollars. Even if you’re not into web design, there are some really useful apps mentioned below that may be of interest to you. Here we go!


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